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Hellmuth vs. Dwan: Phil's winning streak came to an end

Author: Vargoso Published: 26.08.21

Today is an important holiday for everyone who dislikes Phil Hellmuth. The American was finally defeated at the High Stakes Duel show. Tom Dwan interrupted his 7-0 winning streak.

Hellmuth vs. Dwan: Phil's winning streak came to an end

High Stakes Duel casting

After defeating Antonio Esfandiari and Daniel Negreanu at the High Stakes Duel, host Nick Wright unexpectedly became Hellmuth's next opponent, but after losing the first game, he decided not to use the right to rematch, and the show took a break for a month.

The organizers proposed several players who could interrupt Phil's winning streak, mostly colleagues from the golden era of the first poker shows: Johnny Chan, Tony G, Phil Ivey, and Tom Dwan.

Hellmuth even asked his Twitter followers to guess the name of his next opponent:

Phil Hellmuth Twitter Poll

But they didn't guess. PokerGO went for Dwan, who, as we wrote earlier, 13 years ago was challenged by Hellmuth to a duel. Viewers hope that both would maintain the same style as the TV tables played for a long time: Phil complaining about the stupidity of his opponent and addressing him sarcastically, and Tom making fun with a real "poker face."

Aces again

Since Wright refused to keep playing, the game "durrrr" replaced him had a $100,000 buy-in.

This time the game lasted for six whole hours! PokerGO streamed the first hour for free, and during this time, Hellmuth was able to win about 18k chips from his opponent with small pots.

It took another hour to level things off and about half of the match to take an important lead with 2/3 of the chips after a push on the flop with an open-ended straight draw vs. Phil's ace-high cbet.

On the final hand, Hellmuth decided to slowplay pocket aces with a stack of 5BB and simply paid from the small blind. Dwan hit a pair on a board 523 with 93 and bet 5,000 chips but got an all-in response. Tom could not fold in such a situation, and, as 13 years ago, he got the right card on the turn. This time it was a nine.

After the first match, Tom was able to break Phil Hellmuth's 7-0 winning streak in the High Stakes Duel show.

What's next?

PokerBrat now has 72 hours to decide whether he will continue playing in the show. Knowing the character of Hellmuth, we can be sure that a $200,000 rematch will be played.

Phil will want to prove that the first defeat in the High Stakes Duel was unfortunate due to variance, and his "White Magic" is still strong and almost invincible.

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