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Hellmuth vs. Dwan: Phil takes a revenge

Author: Vargoso Published: 27.01.22

Phil Hellmuth's "white magic" is back. The US player took revenge from Tom Dwan for his previous defeat at the High Stakes Duel show. This time, "Poker Brat" showed an aggressive game and managed to win several crucial pots.

Hellmuth vs. Dwan: Phil takes a revenge

"Poker Brat" is on fire again

Tom Dwan won the first HU game vs. Hellmuth at the High Stakes Duel show exactly half a year ago. 

During this time, both players practiced their favorite games. Hellmuth did well during WSOP, achieving his 16th bracelet and breaking the record for the number of final tables at the world series. Dwan participated in high roller cash games and starred in the new episodes of High Stakes Poker, which should be broadcasted in February.

The rematch was held this night at the PokerGo Channel studio and lasted over five hours again. This time, there was a new winner: Phil Hellmuth defeated Tom Dwan in the third round of High Stakes Duel.

There was not only $400,000 at stake - Hellmuth also wanted to finally defeat the one who dared to advise him "to learn playing heads up NL Hold 'em" 12 years ago. After the rematch, Phil praised his opponent in his peculiar manner:

"It's a pleasure. Tom is one of the greatest players in the world. I'd like to use the term "natural born Hold 'em player." I definitely belong to the top 10 of such players. What do I have? 13 NLH wins at the WSOP, plus a total of 50 final tables. So yes, I am one of them."

*The first hour of the rematch.

How did it happen?

The first couple of hours were very calm. According to his namesake, Galfond, who commented on the broadcast, the situation began to change after Hellmuth chose a "quite interesting line." On the 74TA turn, both players had different flush draws, but Phil also got a pair of tens and decided to make a check-raise. Dwan called and did not dare to bluff after a blank card (nine) came out. Eventually, he lost 50,000 chips after both players checked on the river.

A few more hands were noted by the audience because of unusual aggressive actions from "Poker Brat": he made two preflop re-raises with 63 and 42 offsuit and check-raised on the low flop with Ace high.

Hellmuth won two big pots after the following moves:

  1. 3-betting with 74 and hitting three of a kind (sevens).
  2. 10BB open-raising with 32s and hitting a straight flush.

The decisive hand was a classic coin flip: 88 vs. AK preflop all-in. The third card on the board appeared to be a King and gave Phil a win.

What's next?

According to the show's rules, Hellmuth can pocket the prize money only after two victories in a row, even if the opponent changes. But "Durrrr" requested a rematch right after the end of this duel, and it means that Tom has to double the prize pool by adding $400K more.

According to PokerGO president Mori Escandani, the 4th round can take place at the end of March or early April 2022. It should become decisive by all means.

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