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Help me! Online poker became illegal in Australia!!

Hello Australian online poker regulars! Last months were not the best ones for our discipline in Australia. The Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill from 2016 was passed by the Australian Senate, being this the first amendment to The Interactive Gambling Act from 2001. Short long history, this amendment will make online poker illegal in Australia. Keep reading to learn what you can do to keep playing online poker safely in Australia!

Help me! Online poker became illegal in Australia!!

Currently, all online poker players from Australia are just waiting for the confirmation of the House, but it is a fact that the amendment will be a law. If you are not our poker player, you must be really scared! Even PokerStars is leaving the market! Terrible news right? But, here at WorldPokerDeals we like to see every inconvenience as an opportunity, and we really think this is a huge opportunity for online poker players from Australia.

What can I do? PokerStars is leaving Australia!!!

PokerStars is the largest online poker room in the world, and is well-known for its terrible VIP program, which can even give you 0 rakeback as a poker player. Playing online poker in PokerStars can be quoted as EV-, because you are losing all the benefits that you deserve as a poker player. 

Where can I play online poker if I live in Australia?

WorldPokerDeals has more than 5 years of experience in the market with 0 problems (you can check it online!), and our specialty is to offer exotic and alternative poker rooms, and this kind if regulations are no new to us. This is why we are giving you, Australian online poker regular the best options to keep playing online poker safely!

Top 5 Online Poker Rooms Available for Australian Poker Players

Lianzhong PokerMonster


The Asian poker world is open to poker players from all countries! And this of course includes Australia. Lots of Chinese fish came to Lianzhong PokerMonster to play online poker every day, and we can only recommend giving it a try with our super safe cashier system.

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Are you a high stakes poker player? PokerMaster is the room for you then. This Chinese app will give you access to private clubs from China, and we offer the safest access available online. Australian poker players can take advantage of the exclusive offer we have in PokerMaster

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Full10 is all about WPN. This Argentinian skin offers the best of both world. Lots of traffic in cash games and tournaments, and safe access to poker players from Australia. All deposits and cashouts are conveniently handled by our super safe agent system. And of course, as all our poker rooms, you will be eligible for a VIP rakeback deal in this poker room.

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LocaCasino is the safest online poker room of the Klas Network, and we are proud to offer it to Australian Poker Players. Turkish players came to LocaCasino day by day so you won't be missing any action in this poker room

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PokerMania is a US private poker reservation offering some of the best and softest fields both for No Limit Hold'em and Omaha. All deposits and cashouts are handled using BTC, and with WorldPokerDeals you can get a safe deal. Get in touch with us to start playing at PokerMania from Australia!

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And this is only the top 5! We have more online poker rooms available for Australian poker players, just to mention a phew ones, we can provide safe access to Latin American poker rooms and Italian Poker Rooms. All this with our WorldPokerDeals guarantee.

So, don't be scared about new regulations about online poker in Australia, you are in the right place if you want to keep playing safely! Always remember, the safety of your funds is always a priority, so you need to choose very carefully your partner to open gaming accounts in alternative poker networks.


Juan, Worldpokerdeals team

Vargoso 18.09.17
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