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High Stakes Poker — high stakes action prospects and December promotions

A new poker room was just added to our site — High Stakes Poker. The room switched its network about a month ago and now is ready for December with big plans. Today we are going to comment on the main features of High Stakes Poker and how can it be attractive for different types of players.

High Stakes Poker — high stakes action prospects and December promotions

High Stakes Poker — the poker room with an idea on its name

The room has the ambitious goal of developing high stakes games, while of course not forgetting about the players with smaller bankrolls. High Stakes Poker already has two professional players on its team: Joseph Cheong and the British high-roller Luke Schwartz.

How could High Stakes Poker become a site with permanent high stakes action both in cash games and tournaments with buy-ins up to $10,000?

NLH and PLO tables with blinds up to €250/€500

Although High Stakes Poker is part of the Tonybet network, there are tables in the client's lobby that are not visible in other rooms of the network.

Also, CAP and private tables are available in the lobby.

Chinese Poker (OFC) tables with the Schwartz nickname — "Fullflash" — are visible too with jackpots of €1,000, and actually, the main task of Luke in the room is to ensure the influx of players looking to play at such stakes. Schwartz has more than 10 years of experience playing high stakes and Cheong is a great connection to Asian high rollers and businessmen.

High rakeback

With a standard 5% rake in almost all tables (except for stakes above PLO1k where the commission is 2% without a cap), High Stakes Poker promises to its players up to 50% of rakeback. The VIP program has not been officially launched but its main features are already known: it will consist of five annual levels:

The players will receive 100 coins for $1 rake. The tables show that when a new level is reached, bonus points are also awarded. Those points can be exchanged in the room store for five cash bonuses from $10 up to $25,000. The smallest bonus gives 12,5% of rakeback (for the Bronze level) and the largest one, 50% of rakeback.

VIP service

High Stakes Poker offers to its players the possibility of internal transfers. In addition to the standard payment processors like Skrill, Neteller, or credit cards, the room has support to process large amounts worldwide according to player needs. The exchange rates are fixed every Monday and don't change during the week.

December High Stakes Poker promotions

With such attention to high stakes action in December, High Stakes Poker decided to hold promotions for regular MTT players.

To celebrate the launch of the new tournament grid with a total of $1,500,000 GTD every month, during December the room will offer a €18,000 Tournament Leaderboard.

The points for the leaderboard are calculated using the following formula: Buy-in * (Total Entrants / Finishing Position).

Only tournaments with buy-ins up to €500 will count for the promotion. In general, the MTTs in High Stakes Poker are characterized by very soft and small field (up to 100 players).

€18,000 December Tournament Leaderboard payout table:

Position Prize
1 €3,500
2 €2,500
3 €1,800
4 €1,500
5 €1,350
6 €1,150
7 €1,000
8 € 825
9 € 660
10 € 500
11 € 425
12 € 400
13 € 375
14 € 350
15 € 320
16 € 300
17 € 280
18 € 260
19 € 255
20 € 250

For those who are not ready to make a deposit to the room, every day until December 12, there will be two special freeroll tournaments with €200 and €300 prize pool, available only to High Stakes Poker players.

Right now High Stakes Poker has 5-8 tables at NL10-NL50 and 3-4 PLO10-PLO50 tables in the evening, also a few more up to €500 during the night.

The room plans to launch its new promotion package in 2019.


High Stakes Poker is a good choice for mid-stakes players looking for soft lineups both in cash games and tournaments; in the future, the room should be one of the preferred sites for high stakes action.

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