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Holdem Manager 3 Beta - New features and characteristics

Author: Vargoso Published: 14.03.18

The software company Max Value Software, LLC, mostly known for the development of one of the most famous poker statistics software, Hold'em Manager, announced in 2016 the development and trials of the third version of the software. Initially, only one thousand players were invited in the beta testing. And now, March 2017, the private beta testing phase is over and everyone with an account on the site is now welcome to download the Hold'em Manager 3 Beta. For all who bought Hold'em Manager 2 after October 28, 2016, this new version will be free.

Holdem Manager 3 Beta - New features and characteristics

To download the software, click on the link to the dedicated site of the best version of Hold'em Manager 3 and then click on the "Register My HM3 Beta" button. You will be redirected to the login page where you must write down your e-mail and password. After that, you will see the "Download HM3" button. After installing the software you are ready to try all the new features. There is a full FAQ on the site and a special Youtube channel, both dedicated to explain the new Hold'em Manager 3.

It is clear that such a complex software as Hold'em Manager cannot be described in just one small article, so we are just going to highlight the main innovations in Hold'em Manager 3


The main window of the program has been fully redesigned. Visually it became much simpler and less overloaded with buttons and lots of information. The main tabs are in the upper left of the Hold'em Manager 3 window. At the moment there are only four tabs there, but we don't know if more will be added in the final version.

"Reports" Tab

Similar to the past version, you can see the necessary statistics and use as many filters you need to study the data. Speaking of filters, this section has become more convenient and friendly:

"Situational views" Tab

The very first true innovation in Hold'em Manager 3. In fact, there are the same reports, but related to certain game situations with graph, tables and diagrams. In the current Beta version there are only available four reports: 3-betting, cont-betting, all-in tournaments, bubble; other two reports are waiting to be launched.

"Opponents" Tab

The main innovation in the Opponents Tab is the opportunity of analyzing your opponents game with key stats and comparisons.

"Live play" Tab

Like the "Active Session" tab in Hold'em Manager 2 - here you can see the results of the actual session.

HUD Editor

Very similar to PokerTracker, which is most likely better in this subject.

There is also the possibility of add a graphical HUD.

Lots of new languages has been included into this new Hold'em Manager version, including Russian, Ukrainian and even Chinese.

New Stats

  • Call 2PFRs, as well as check-raising on the flop;
  • Bet size for all streets, such as Bet Flop 1/2, Overbet Flop, etc;
  • Donkbets are split into Heads-Up and more players, single bets, 3 bets.
  • Lots of new vs. Hero stats postflop were added 

Another important thing is that Hold'em Manager now does not need PostgreSQL.

Also, you will have no problems with your old Hold'em Manager 2 Databases, a function to import your information is available now.

Also an Hold'em Manager 2 HUD can be imported:

Currently, the launch date of the final version of Hold'em Manager 3 is not known, but should be soon once the public Beta version is now in the web.


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