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How and why you do need to become a Worldpokerdeals VIP player?

In modern online poker, there are three different types of games that players can join. The first one is public. It's the model used by almost all poker rooms: any player can join a table. The other two belong to closed fields and differ in the level of advertising and accessibility: visible to all players, but with limited access (for example, a password) and completely private. The last one is reserved for elite grinders, and regular players are not even aware of its existence.

How and why you do need to become a Worldpokerdeals  VIP player?

Private games have gained popularity in recent years, and not only among high rollers. What has caused this? The main reason is that many players want to sit at those tables, where they won't have to fight against the same regs every day. Of course, in response, the poker rooms are trying to satisfy this market. 

As usual, affiliates also play a crucial role in giving access to such games. Worldpokerdeals is actively engaged in scouting private tables and providing access to its best players. In the past, we have shared information about secret deals in our e-magazines. But, getting a spot in closed games is reserved only for VIP players.

How to become a VIP player on Worldpokerdeals and get access to private rooms/clubs/offers?

  • Register an account on Worldpokerdeals;
  • Track the usernames of your poker rooms in your account;
  • Make at least $10k in rake and stay at least three months with us;
  • After that, at your request, we will upgrade you to VIP status;
  • You will receive private offers in your personal account, as well as access to an exclusive Telegram channel with announcements.

We are working on an update of the personal account website. In short, it will display rake and rakeback statistics, connections to all our poker rooms, and many other useful features for players. After its launch, we will issue all the VIP status of our loyal players manually; this process can be requested to any manager.

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Vargoso 01.09.19
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