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How not to get combusted at work while playing online poker

Being a poker player requires a lot of high self-discipline. After all, to hit the poker tables all days, the online poker player needs to set himself tasks like a boss and subordinate at the same time. The online poker player independently needs to play, read, study, analyze and convert all of this in goals. In addition to the actual work, he needs to constantly evolve: learn, look for useful information, build connections with affiliates and other poker players, read the forums, etc. On top of that, we have to live in an environment of our own kind, communication over the network, and of course get money to pay debts, individual services, and people. Bottom line: an online poker player invests more of his time working, including part o

How not to get combusted at work while playing online poker

How a poker player can have high motivation to work without being morally burned

f his personal time if the time is tight. The organism at that life rhythm can just fail, which can be expressed in physical ailments, and more dangerously, in emotional burnout (EB). What is so terrible about this? Even if you manage to continue working despite the symptoms, life quality and profitable work can't be expected. Emotional burnout is not regular fatigue from which you can easily relax (sleep, share with friends to change the situation). This situation is much more difficult and dangerous and is not easy to fight.

Knowing the enemy: Basic signs of EB

  • Constant irritation, emotional distress, and fatigue. There is no desire to communicate with colleagues, the online poker players look for solitude, and also is not ready to discuss work topics in everyday communication.
  • Loss of meaning for the work. There are thoughts that all activity has lost any important, and the means and forces are descending quickly. Any failure, even the most insignificant is magnified, and the significance of successful projects and tasks are substantially understated.
  • The easiest ways, like resting or trying to get rid of gloomy thoughts, don't help. Active and funny weekends do not give a fuse for the whole week, fatigue and apathy starts from the very first moment of the morning.
  • Often EB is disguised as depression but is not the same thing. Depression is a sublimation of guilt and fear, and emotional burnout is a very dangerous cocktail of irritability and anger.

Main forms of Emotional Exhaustion

The specialists have identified two main forms of EB, one simple and one chronic form. Let's discuss them in more detail.

For the easy or simple form of emotional exhaustion, the following development is characteristic: after a strong emotional crisis, apathy, irritability and sleep disturbances appear. You want to sleep constantly but cannot sleep at all. In addition, the general physical fatigue multiplied by a low motivation to do anything completes the picture.

How can you get rid of the simple form? You just need to follow these recommendations. Stress? Take a short break to regain strength. Relax from work and strength will return and with it, the desire to work further.

The chronic form of EB occurs when stress is present all the time. The person begins to change, and as a result, a dehumanization phenomenon can be observed. It is expressed in an aggressive and irritated attitude to people, a constant discontent with the situation, with oneself, with others. Any thoughts about work cause an apathy, irritability and even an aggression wave. The work cannot be done.

The organism victim of chronic emotional exhaustion simply refuses to spend physical-physiological resources on what is not wanted to do. As a result, from a very active online poker player, you become a useless worker, uninteresting for yourself and people.

Use the following characteristics to assess the degree of the state of soul and body about EB:

  • A desire to compete and assert themselves at colleague's expenses
  • Ignoring the personal needs thought immersion in work
  • Lack of desire to participate in conflicts, to solve problems, there is a constant desire to escape from problems, saving resources
  • Loss of orientation, the meaning of what is happening around, the work is only done if is necessary
  • The emotional burnout stage is coming

The scientist named those stages as the way to enthusiasm to disgust. From this, it is possible to return to normal life?

The good news are that we can offer proven ways to counteract EB:

  • Learn to switch off. Determine the time "X" for yourself, and try at this time to completely abstract from work, leaving things around and going back to them only the next day. Strictly regulate the work schedule, without deviating from it.
  • Free time during work days. Be active with a positive emotional background. What can you do? Meet with friends, relax, go to movies, theaters, play sports, etc.
  • Put a limit to your responsibility. Don't take extra work (especially if you work in a team), try to be less distracted by conversations and empty deeds.
  • Get rid of routine. Fill your life with new emotions: go to work using new routes, change your office, eat lunch at different places.
  • Fill the surrounding space with bright objects
  • Don't focus on your mistakes, instead learn from them, and don't save negative thoughts.
  • Focus on your success: make a list of your victories, put it in a prominent place and constantly admire it.
  • Learn constantly, develop yourself and in the meantime, get distracted from routine.
  • Don't forget about your goals: always keep in mind the reason to be working, motivate yourself to success.
  • Don't forget about the bonuses. Pamper yourself, especially after every successful session.
  • Relax. Use special techniques (meditation, tea drinking, listening to your favorite song, etc) which will allow you to relax, without even drawing attention to yourself.
  • Eat right. Take vitamin supplements, they will help with fatigue. Having good food and nutrients allows you to maintain high performance.

Take a look at the situation. Realizing that rest will bring more energy to work, you will be able to overcome stress. The Chinese workers are familiar with the term "Karosi", which means death from heavy processing. Every day 1600 people die from it in China. With that in mind, we recommend that you relax and play poker with pleasure so no burnout or exhaustion threatens you!

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