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How to download and install Hand2Note and PokerPopUp HUD for PokerMaster

What's up regulars! PokerMaster was the app that started the revolution. It was the first popular Asian app, and currently the biggest one. Recently, our partner, Hand2Note, released the first ever HUD for PokerMaster, and WorldPokerDeals is bringing a full manual to download, install and configure Hand2Note HUD for PokerMaster:

How to download and install Hand2Note and PokerPopUp HUD for PokerMaster

Step 1. Download and install Hand2Note version or above from their official website. Use the exclusive WorldPokerDeals code to get a 10% discount! H2N10VQ. You can choose either PokerMaster HUD Subscription Standard or Hyper according to your needs.

Download and install the WorldPokerDeals special HUD from PokerPopUp

Step 2. Activate your license or HUD (the HUD is activated by the developer using your Hand2Note email). The HUD for example can be Hand2NoteProTools of PokerPopUp, or any other.

Step 3. Add your Pokermaster username to Hand2Note

Step 4. After the HUD activation and adding the Pokermaster username, Hand2Note should look like this:

Step 5. Click on "HUD Editor" to configure the HUD

Step 6. You can either choose the default HUD, or the HUD you bought (the instructions to install your HUD are usually with the HUD documentation).

Step 7. For choose or modify the configuration of the POPUS, open the POPUP editor:

Step 8. Login into PokerMaster using your credentials. Open any table and the, the HUD should appear immediately:

Note 1!: Hand2Note convert the nicknames of the players (the Chinese names) into numbers

Note 2!: Gathering hand histories in "Observer" mode, the Positional and Dynamic HUD are available only for "Hyper" subscribers.

That's all! Now you have a very functional and professional HUD for PokerMaster!

If you have any doubt, please contact Max in Telegram or Skype:




Juan / Alexey, WorldPokerDeals team

Vargoso 28.02.18
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