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How to play in the new Spin&Go from Tigergaming: Windfall User Experience

Good news regulars!!! Tigergaming and the Chico Poker Network has just launched their own version of the super popular Spin&Go: Windfall! The three-player tournament were popularized by PokerStars several years ago and now Tigergaming offers their own experience including the super rakeback deal from WorldPokerDeals!

How to play in the new Spin&Go from Tigergaming: Windfall User Experience

What is Windfall from Tigergaming?

Windfall is the Spin&Go format presented yesterday by Tigergaming and the Chico Poker Network. We have done a short introduction in this article. Bottom line, are Spin&Go (three-player fast tournaments with multipliers on the prize), one of the most popular variants currently among online poker players.

How can I play the new Windfall, Spin&Go in Tigergaming?


You just need to open your Tigergaming lobby or just add us to Skype to find more details. If you already have installed Tigergaming, a short update will be performed and then, you will see a new tab named "Windfall".

There, you will see the 4 buy-ins available ($3, $7, $15 and $30); then choose one, click on Register and start playing Spin&Go in Tigergaming!

When you click on Register, you can register simultaneously in up to 4 Windfall Spin&Go of the same buy-in level.


How about the traffic in the Windfall Spin&Go?


We tried all the buy-in levels at different schedules, and we can say that we waited no longer than one minute to have 4 Spin&Go Windfall in our screens. We think that the traffic will significantly increase in this Spin&Go format including lots of amateur poker players from the sports section of Tigergaming. This new Spin&Go format was just launched this week and traffic is currently incredible.

What is the user experience in the Windfall Spin&Go?


The Tigergaming software is one of the best currently available. It works very good both in Windows, macOS and even Android. You can play any number of tables you need and the software won't lag, of course if you have a good PC. You can resize tables, choose 4 color deck and all the necessary tools to play on multiple Spin&Go.

The multi-register option is quite simple and good for those looking to play big.

About the opponent we can say the games are soft enough, and of course worth's the shot at any stake. We played all stakes and the multipliers works just fine, we had a few 2x and 4x and even won some money, so what are you waiting to try it out?


Can I get some rakeback by playing Windfall Spin&Go?

Of course! WorldPokerDeals has a very special package for grinders in Tigergaming, so if you are seeking for a very good rakeback deal to start playing in the new Spin&Go Windfall just reach us at Skype or create your account to enjoy the benefits of being part of WorldPokerDeals!.


Juan, WorldPokerDeals team


Vargoso 19.01.18
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