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Ideal online cash games by Rob Yong

Author: Vargoso Published: 27.08.20

Today Rob Yong shared on his Twitter account that he will create his club with his own rules instead of asking partypoker to implement changes that many won't like.

Ideal online cash games by Rob Yong

Rob Yong's Cash Game Club at partypoker

partypoker launched Club Games in late May 2020, as an exciting solution to offer private games with great features like rakeback and specific rules. Rob Yong shared the rules that will govern his club on the site.

The interesting idea behind the text shared by Yong is that he is sharing a vision "from an amateur player" who, ultimately, is who that all the poker rooms are trying to protect.

Rob Yong Cash Game Club

Real names

Real names are becoming a common requirement for high stakes games. The idea behind this is that you may want to know if you are playing against a skilled player or not.


An interesting concept. Rob says he likes to see all the community cards (flop, turn, river), get a chance to bluff, bet, etc. and avoid the excessive 3-bet and 4-bet preflop.

Third-party tools

partypoker has taken action on this. Tracking software and HUDs were banned last year. Yong says that he doesn't have to use a tool, and that he doesn't want to use it because it feels like a job

"I don't want poker to feel like a job — I play poker to forget about my job!"

Multi-accounting, ghosting, bots, solvers

A common belief in all poker rooms: all T&C specifically prohibits the use of tools that provide "unfair advantages." Rob says that ghosting is offensive practice, and all other illegal aids kill the game. Yong also referred to "tools to call river bluffs."

"If someone has the time to study with solvers, why hell would I want to play against this person when I'm working my ass off at work 24-7 and he is studying all the time."

Table etiquette: tanking, bumhunting, table selection

Rob says that it is not his problem that a grinder is playing 12 tables, and as a result, he takes a long time to make decisions. Therefore, tanking should be eradicated from the tables.

He also considers other practices like bumhunting or strategic sitting out against poker table etiquette that you must follow in a live game.

Short Handed games

Another interesting sight. Rob says that an amateur tends to do other things while playing poker, so short-handed games are not an ideal solution because they demand constant attention.

Poker's community reactions

Jaime Staples Twitter Cash Game Club

Such a statement got several reactions from the poker community. We highlight the following ones:

  • Jaime Staples recalled that some TV shows had pot-limit preflop games;
  • Minimum VIP tables (like PokerBros), sitting out rule from 30-45 mins like MGM Casino, chat, Bomb Pots;
  • Real names across the entire site and not only big MTT series. Rob said he'd need about 90% of player support to request this feature;
  • Antes, mandatory straddles, the winning hand must show one card.

It's exciting to see which of these ideas will be implemented on a major scale. While some sites focus on enforcing their terms and conditions, some people highlighted that many solutions could be implemented via software, which will be more transparent that hunting down players for circumventing an unclear term.

Rob Yong Twitter Profile

Surprisingly, Rob deleted his tweet just as we were writing this article, so we may not know if those initiatives will be implemented soon. We also noticed that his profile no longer says "partypoker partner", and his assistant got a Dusk Til Dawn e-mail address. Are more changes comming?

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