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If I were in your shoes: 6-max cash (SH cash NL$400–NL$1,000)

Hi there, villains! In today's overview we will plough through the poker sites that, to our opinion, are the most profitable for the players of the "400 and higher" category.

If I were in your shoes: 6-max cash (SH cash NL$400–NL$1,000)

In other words, we'll see what's interesting at the mid-stakes in June.


The beginning of the month was a little bit blighted by the unscheduled technical works of the Chico network. The client program was inactive for nearly 8 days. At the moment, the majority of the bugs were fixed, but some players still have problems with making a deposit or logging in to the account. The management of the poker site apologizes for any inconveniences and promises to restore full operational capability within several days.

Pro: Tiger is still a good provider of random depositors aka fish players, due to its smart operation with the webmasters and guaranteed withdrawals to Skrill and Neteller within 24 hours. A tried-and-true and reliable operator; offers several tables of NL$400–NL$1,000 almost every time.

Con: glitchy software, no time-bank, slothful support.

Resume: playing at this poker site is comfortable and profitable in combination with other networks to take on necessary 4–8 tables, for example Pokeloco (MPN) and PokerKing (WPN).

Oh, by the way, here's another parallel skin of the network — Betonline. It is worse, smaller, even more uncomfortable, but accepts players from countries that Tiger does not work with.


The WPN network has significantly stepped up for the last year, not without the help of PokerKing, the skills of working with players of which many would do well to learn from them. As to the network itself and its traffic, the games of $400+ are offered almost 24/7. You can't call the line-ups easy ones, but nevertheless they are behind the level of the similar stakes at PokerStars.

The main value is gained owing to the proprietary rake race of the poker site and our unique offer that outbids any other. For some disciplines, 80%+ of the total rakeback from Holdem Manager (instead of any smart systems of commission accounting) — is more than real. The rake at the poker site is non-predatory, which lets you successfully struggle for your place in the food chain.

Pro: Trustworthy brand, fast withdrawals, Russian support, wild rakeback and profit for True-pokeraholics.

Con: The line-ups are rather competitive, the hunters will not wait on the waiting list for another fish at the SH table, so they will have to start a new one.

Resume: The poker site will suit the rake generators who are ready to fight for the first places in a rich race. WPN — is IPoker of modern times.

400% of rakeback, overlays in cash games and contacts of the manager-chief of the poker pool are here.


As a result of back-breaking toil and hours of negotiations epic and full of bugs Dollaro was triumphally returned to our immodest poker menu. Of course, we took care to keep the conditions of funds' guarantees the same. All your balances are guaranteed by WPD. Play and make profit, since after recent reforms the people who play "according to the strategy" can be counted on one foot. You will enjoy a lot of games at 400–600 EUR stakes both at short 4-max and 6-max tables.

Pro: Guarantee of your funds, Italian "phishes", sex, six-max and rock-and-roll.

Con: High rake; to play in a separate client program you will need to apply some Dark Magic (our Dark Magician will gladly help you in Skype); periodical "stops" of the client program at reaching certain total level of profit by all players of the poker site are possible (the ones who never played in Dollaro might probably be crossing themselves, but that's the most "fishful" poker site of Italy).

Resume: Taking into account our guarantee of our funds, Dollaro is a musthave. Being beyond the scope of a promotional post, I daresay that it is even weird for mid- and high stakes regulars not to play in Dollaro from us. For those who are accustomed to flawlessly responsive interface and sophisticated functions of the client program, Dollaro — is a doorway to hell. Holdem Manager will show who's gonna start the fire and who's gonna burn himself.

A bunch of weak Italians, free hand converter and contacts of Matvey, a manager who bears it all — here. 


Lianzhong, a colossus of the Asian poker market and a WPT sponsor — is a largest Chinese poker site (Fulpot is left far behind) with crazy NLH games of up to NL$2,000 and OFC games of up to $30 per unit.

We have already prepared a hand converter, so you could import the statistics into the tracker and display the stats.

The withdrawals take about 2–3 days. For bigger sums starting from $5,000+ — about a week.

Pro: The level of the game — "Chinese live amateur", mostly fish players at almost every table, action in OFC, separate client program, HUD.

Con: Client program in Chinese language, indirect cashier, interface close to "social poker" in VK (Vkontakte, Russian Facebook).

Resume: Lianzhong / Pokermonster offer the softest line-ups at the mid- and high stakes in whole online poker. With many inconveniences, it could have been a lot worse as to the technical issues. Lianzhong is Bodog of our time.

Well, I'd be definitely playing at these poker sites if I were you. Namely, at the NL$400–NL$1,000 stakes, 6-max, SH, cash.

Play, make money, become rich and please generate rake for us. We will be happy to give back to you the most part of it.


Rodion Longa was here.

The boss of WPD.com.


Timofey 28.06.16
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