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Introducing FirePoker (PokerCommunity): PokerKing Asia alternative

Long live poker in China. In spite of the recent situations with PokerKing Asia and Red Dragon Poker, the development of the industry in Asia is unstoppable. Last week we added a new Chinese room: FirePoker, the best option for grinders looking for soft action with Asian players.

Introducing FirePoker (PokerCommunity): PokerKing Asia alternative

What is FirePoker?

FirePoker, also known as PokerCommunity or HurricanePoker (the platform is prepared to deal with different skins for different markets) is the latest Chinese room available for overseas Worldpokerdeals players. FirePoker features great action at all stakes from 2/4(2) CNY up to 50/100(100) CNY.

CNY to USD guide for overseas players:

1/2 0,15/0,3
2/4 0,3/0,6
5/10 0,751,5
10/20 1,5/3
25/50 3,7/7,5
50/100 7,5/15
25/50 3,7/7,5
50/100 7,5/15

* 1USD = 6,7CNY

Is there enough traffic at FirePoker to grind?

Grinders will be delighted with the amazing traffic that can be spotted at FirePoker, mainly for 3 reasons:

  • During the Chinese peak time, almost 100 tables are played at all stakes;
  • Worldpokerdeals is one of the few affiliates granting access to overseas players, therefore the room is almost reg-free;
  • The access to the room is restricted only to VIP players.
Stake [CNY] Traffic *
1/2(1) 28 tables
1/2(2) 5 tables
2/4(2) 25 tables
2/4(4) 3 tables
5/10(5) 19 tables
10/20(10) 8 tables (**2)
10/20(20) 4 tables
25/50(25) 6 tables (**2)
25/50(50) 2 tables
50/100(50) 1 table (**1)
50/100(100) 1 table

* 6-max, 7-max, and 8-max formats combined
** HU tables

Omaha is not very popular at FirePoker, only a couple of tables at 1/2(1) and 2/4(2) are played.

FirePoker software overview

The FirePoker software is one of the best that our team has evaluated on the Chinese market. The main features are:

  • 100% available in English;
  • Filters per stake/format and open seats are available at the top of the lobby; all the necessary information is easy to read:
    • Time (keep in mind that that poker tables in China are created for a time frame, and it's expected that all players stay until the time or the chips ran out);
    • Players;
    • Format.
  • All table available per stake are grouped in one button, therefore players don't need to scroll down eternally to find a seat;

  • Basic statistics (winrate, showdown rate, hands played) are available both for the players and the villains; at the tables, hand history and results can be consulted anytime;

  • 4 color deck and table themes can be chosen, and the bet slider can be customized according to the player needs.

How to deposit and withdrawal to FirePoker?

Deposits and withdrawals to FirePoker are processed by the Worldpokerdeals agency in record time using all popular e-wallets: Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, and BTC. 

Please consider that although the games are played in CNY, the cashier uses an internal currency named "Beans". 3000 Beans = 1USD. A fee is charged when requesting withdrawals from FirePoker. You can confirm with our support team the current rate.

Is FirePoker (PokerCommunity) safe?

Just so we are straight here: all players must consider the risks before playing at FirePoker. In addition to bringing lots of soft action, Chinese poker development also comes with shady things like bots, collusion, and untrustworthy agents. Our recommendation is to keep only the necessary money to play in the poker room, as we don't offer money guarantees at FirePoker.


FirePoker (PokerCommunity) is nowadays the best option for poker players looking for soft tables with Asian players. Great software, quick transactions, and amazing soft traffic are the main pros of this room. On the cons side, we must say that we cannot offer money guarantees at FirePoker. The access to the room is restricted to our VIP players, please ask our manager what is needed to upgrade your account.

FirePoker logo
Asian mobile platform
Unfortunately deal is stopped at the current moment

Stay tuned on our Telegram channel for more EV+ news.

Vargoso 27.03.19
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