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Introducing Red Dragon Poker: Chinese poker room backed by PokerStars

We are facing a new era in Chinese poker development. Red Dragon Poker and its connection to the most popular poker room in the world — PokerStars — are the new players. In this article, we review in detail the poker room, and we will share with you all the necessary details to understand the new boom.

Is PokerStars entering into the Chinese online poker market?

As you probably know, the Chinese poker rooms development is one of the most important advances in the gambling industry of the last years. Even though gambling is completely banned in China, and the authorities passed a law prohibiting poker applications, the number of available sites to play for real money has only grown, which can be explained with the high interest of Chinese fans to play online and players from other countries attracted by the weak fields which compensates for the hassles of playing via mobile applications.

Considering the great potential isn't shocking than PokerStars had decided to enter into the Chinese market; despite all the recent changes against regular players (banning seating scripts, chests VIP program, etc), PokerStars firmly holds the online poker leadership and pursues an aggressive marketing policy on any available market. Now it's China's turn. PokerStars decided not to reinvent the wheel and used the same model applied to the Russian market (tournament series and mobile application).

Red Dragon Poker is the chosen application. You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes in order to identify Red Dragon as a PokerStars brand. The PokerStars logo can be spotted easily right by the Red Dragon sign and the PokerStars Live Asia logo:

Also, on the website page where you download the application, you can see this message:

To complete your detective experience, just visit the PokerStars Live Asia website to find the Red Dragon Logo, and you will have the big picture.

The Red Dragon Poker brand was first introduced into the market a few years ago: in 2010 the Macau Poker Cup had it, but the name was removed from the series in 2013 and after that, only individual events had the Red Dragon name. Once again, the Red Dragon name appeared in the Jeju Red Dragon festival, a tournament series held in South Korea at Jeju at the Landing Resort & Casino and sponsored by PokerStars Live Asia. The connection here can be easily identified as the Red Dragon logo can be seen everywhere.

To end the story, PokerStars recently introduced 6+ Hold'em with a particular rule (a straight beats a set) and the same rules apply to Red Dragon Poker. The website application is only available in Chinese and English, the domain is registered in Beijing through Alibaba Ltd, and the games are played in Chinese Renminbi (CNY), specific signs to attract Chinese players.

Red Dragon Poker main features

Although Red Dragon Poker belongs to the Chinese poker rooms model, its organizational model can only be compared to PokerKing Asia. There are no clubs and players get access to all the tables at once. Everything else at Red Dragon Poker is similar to other mobile applications.

The room has been designed in dark colors. The lobby and the table list look like this:

Anyone who has played a few hands at any Chinese poker room will be able to navigate the lobby very quickly. Above the list of tables, there are filters and options to hide full tables from your view. Each game discipline is divided into four groups.

Hold'em and Omaha traffic (USD in brackets):

Micro Low Medium High
0,1/0,2 (NL3 - PLO3) 1/2 (NL30 - PLO30) 5/10 (NL150 - PLO150) 50/100 (NL1,5K - PLO1,5K)
0,25/0,5 (NL7,5 - PLO7,5) 2/4 (NL60 - PLO60) 10/20 (NL300 - PLO300) 100/200 (NL3K - PLO3K)
0,5/1 (NL15 - PLO15)   25/50 (NL750 - PLO750) 500/1,000 (NL15K PLO15K)
      1,000/2,000 (NL30K - PLO30K)

6+ Hold'em traffic:

Micro Low Medium High
0,1 ($0,015) 1 ($0,15) 5 ($0,75) 50 ($6)
0,2 ($0,03) 2 ($0,30) 10 ($1,5) 100 ($12)
0,5 ($0,075)   25 ($3) 200 ($24)
      500 ($60)
      1,000 ($120)

A lot of tables at all stakes are available to play. All the tables at Red Dragon Poker have ante which equals the small blind, and some tables have also straddle. Therefore, preflop the pot size is decent and that leads the game to be looser, and many opponents prefer to sit at the table with stacks over 100bb.

The games are very soft, for example, there is a screen of a random table at 5/10 stake (NL150):

There is no HUD support for Red Dragon Poker yet. All players have access to the following statistics (under the "Me" section) and clicking on opponents at the tables:

Red Dragon Poker — Traffic

Despite its youth, Red Dragon Poker already attracts a lot of Chinese players. There are available tables in the lobby around the clock. We have monitored the action at different times:

Texas Hold'em

Stake 11:00 16:00 18:00 21:00
0,1/0,2 13 9 16 6
0,25/0,5 9 10 13 7
0,5/1 10 11 15 6
1/2 (17) (13) (22) (13)
2/4 (11) (10) (11) (6)
5/10 1 (15) 3 (12) 4 (12) 2 (10)


Stake 11:00 16:00 18:00 21:00
0,1/0,2 3 3 3 1
1/2 (2) (4) (4) (3)
2/4 (3) (1) (1) (2)
5/10 (1) (5) (3) (4)

6+ Hold'em

Stake 11:00 16:00 18:00 21:00
0,2 1 3 3 2
0,5 1 1 1 1
1 1 3 2 1
2       1

According to the tables, it can be concluded that NLH at low and medium stakes (up to NL150) have enough available tables during the day. There is only micro-stakes action in 6+ Hold'em. PLO has only 4 active limits (PLO30-PLO150) and about ten tables during the evening.

Red Dragon Poker also has MTT action (SnG lobby is still empty). The room hosts more than a dozen tournaments with buy-ins from 1,000CNY ($140) up to 30,000CNY ($4,300). The rake is 10%, and almost all of them have a deep structure (initial stack over 100bb), and the blinds increase every 8 minutes. About 100-120 players play the tournaments.

Red Dragon Poker — Rakeback

Our first comment is that there are no chests at Red Dragon Poker. There are jackpot tables giving prizes for getting quads or stronger hands. The jackpot payouts depend on the stake.

Our deal at Red Dragon Poker provides rakeback (in the form of returning a part of the withdrawal commission) and a full deposit guarantee. Please contact our manager David to know more details about the Red Dragon Poker deal.


Red Dragon Poker can be called the first big pleasant surprise of 2019. The room has all needed to become one of the leaders of the Chinese poker market and compete head-to-head with "monsters" such as PokerMaster and PPPoker. The PokerStars support is, of course, the main advantage of Red Dragon Poker.

The action is still very soft at Red Dragon Poker, and it will be like this for at least a few more months. In the future, it will depend on whether the room can compensate for the influx of regular players attracting more Chinese fans. Right now, you cannot miss the chance of playing at Red Dragon Poker with our deposit guarantee and top rakeback deal.

Red Dragon Poker
Red Dragon Poker
Asian mobile platform
Bitcoins accepted
Deposit bonus n/a
Rakeback VIP

Stay tuned on our Telegram channel for more EV+ news.

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