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Is Daniel Negreanu having 'bad luck' on his challenge?

Author: Vargoso Published: 20.01.21

Daniel "Kid Poker" Negreanu's complaints are louder than his game at this point in the challenge against Doug Polk. After 17,000 out o 25,000 hands, he is lossing $700,000. As if he were a rookie, Negreanu blames his losses on back luck.

Is Daniel Negreanu having 'bad luck' on his challenge?

Poker and chess lessons for Daniel Negreanu

Doug Polk stopped the winning streak with which Daniel Negreanu opened the year and has already booked three winnings in a row.

With losses of more than $700,000, Daniel Negreanu is moaning for the "luck" that "always" gives his opponent the best cards.

The 29th session between Negreanu and Polk was perhaps the most aggressive of the challenge so far. With big stakes at the table, Kid Poker missed a real opportunity to keep recovering. He may not have another in the 8,000 remaining hands of the match.

Doug Polk results

Although Daniel did not dare to directly accuse WSOP.com of having a rigged platform, he complained about what he considers an unusual distribution of cards and said that never in his life he had seen such a lucky streak.

"I'm not suggesting that the software is rigged, but it feels like that. It just doesn't feel real, and I've been playing poker for 27, 28 years. This doesn't seem possible. I know variance is a thing, but this is unreal. This is insane, I don't even believe what I'm seeing. It literally has me speechless. He ran so luck in this match he has no clue."

Session Date Result Winner
23 1/04/2021 $27,000 Daniel Negreanu
24 1/06/2021 $98,579 Daniel Negreanu
25 1/08/2021 $27,945 Daniel Negreanu
26 1/11/2021 $130,000 Daniel Negreanu
27 1/13/2021 $120,000 Doug Polk
28 1/15/2021 $26,198 Doug Polk
29 1/18/2021 $73,000 Doug Polk
    Total*: $$708,222 Doug Polk

*Total after 29 sessions


On January 16, Daniel Negreanu posted an image on his Twitter account of his victory playing chess. Before that, on January 12, he shared was raking lessons in the so-called "science game." Polk didn't lose this opportunity and answered Daniel:

"Never been a better time to spend every moment learning how to improve your chess game."

Daniel Negreanu chess lessons

Can you believe this guy? This is embarrassing: Doug Polk

On his post-match interview, Doug joked all the time about his "good luck", also attacking Negreanu's game: 

"Could someone put that in your calculator what's the chance of not hitting a flush against aces because that has to be one in a million. When you raise small you risk less to win the same amount. It's advanced poker tips probably in the Negreanu master class."

Polk also mocked the GGPoker transmission and clarified he won only 1.8 buy-ins on his "luckiest session ever."

"And the GGPoker commentators like they are: Negreanu yes you have been running bad you've been running bad Mr. Negreanu we're so sorry about it. I win 1.8 buy-ins today. 1.8 not even two buy-ins and I'm the luckiest man that's ever lived."

Thinking about family life

During the interview, Polk also clarified the reasons for a recent publication, in which he expressed his desire to settle outside the State of Nevada in the future:

"Well, there are several different reasons, the first is at some point I'll probably start a family, I don't think Vegas would be good for that."

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