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Is PPPoker overcoming GGPoker?

Yes, you read the title correctly. PPPoker is ahead, and, in fact, is already overtaking the world's largest poker network. And we are not talking about the font size at the tables but the total number of real money games. If you don't want to miss the new online poker hip — continue reading this article.

Is PPPoker overcoming GGPoker?

PPPoker — trending poker room

PPPoker was launched in 2016. We have already referred to how a simple twist to the relationship between players and poker rooms changed the history of online poker. The massive flow of players and clubs easily ranks PPPoker among the top poker rooms in early 2020.

Recall that this site is only a platform that runs "play money games," and that people from around the world (we have counted over 100 countries) are welcome to the tables or create and promote a club.

The development has been incredible, especially in countries/regions where legal restrictions apply to online gambling, for example, Asia (China, India, Philippines, Malaysia), Latin America (Brazil), Australia, Russia, and of course, the United States of America.

The largest PPPoker alliances consist precisely of clubs from these regions, and to give a background to this story, here is a screenshot with the number of tables in one of the major Asian alliances.

There are almost 400 open tables, of which about half are active. This is more than in any poker room/network below the TOP10 in the PokerScout ranking, for example, Chico Network.

To compare with a more extensive network, we reviewed the traffic of four PPPoker alliances, and GGPoker during prime time on Friday:

PPPoker Union

NLH traffic:

Stakes NLH 6-max NLH 9-max NLH HU GGPoker*
Nano (NL3-9$) 59 9   (23)
Micro (NL10-35$) 54 9 1 51(29)
Low (NL36$-100$) 6 3 1 33 (23)
Medium (NL101-200$) 2   1 7(11)
High (NL201-500$) 1   1 8

*In brackets the approximate number of fast-fold poker tables. Also, this site hosts high stakes games in peak time (NLH/PLO $2k-$5k)

PLO traffic:

Stakes PLO 6-max PLO HU GGPoker
Nano (PLO3-9$) 8 (6)    
Micro (PLO10-35$) 42 (55) 4 (7) 23
Low (PLO36$-100$) 10 (24) 2 (4) 24
Medium (PLO101-200$) 2(4) 2(3) 13
High (PLO201-500$) (6)   6
High+ (PLO501$+1K) 1 (3) 2(3) 3

*In brackets PLO5 tables.


  • At stakes up to PLO100 and NL35, the PPPoker alliances chosen by us give comparable or even larger traffic (in the case of Omaha) with the GG Poker Network;
  • The most noticeable gap between PPPoker and Good Game is in Hold'em, starting at NL50, and high stakes Omaha tables ($2k+). This is partly because we check unions were Hold'em is not a trend, and high stakes games are host by private clubs;
  • Besides 6-max tables, PPPoker has HU, 9-max, and PLO5, which draw the attention of many players and even the biggest rooms are just starting to think about it;
  • About 6+ Hold'em, outlast GGPoker, and other networks with up to 30 tables and 24% of those with jackpots from $1 to $6.

Therefore, the question posed by us in the title of this article doesn't seem so crazy. If you are still doubtful whether jumping into this trend is a good choice, we share a list of goodies that our customers receive at PPPoker:

  • Bankroll guarantee;
  • Professional advice to choose the best club for you;
  • Free chips transfer from club to club;
  • Fast cashouts;
  • Technical support seven days a week
  • Discount for PPPoker HUD;
  • Up to 50% rakeback.

Reach our team to get more information about PPPoker and our current set of clubs:

Telegram: @David_wpd

Skype: Contact

WhatsApp: +380980972748

Email: [email protected]

PPPoker logo
High stakes action WPD funds guarantee!
Rakeback up to 50%

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