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Israeli poker under the microscope: EV+ poker rooms for grinders

The history of online poker in Israel is similar to other restricted markets: gambling regulations are passed, then the largest sites leave the country, and after that, a "grey market" began to develop seeking to meet the needs of the players. In this article, we share a complete review of the status of Israeli online poker rooms in 2019.

Israeli poker under the microscope: EV+ poker rooms for grinders

Online poker in Israel

Last year we wrote about the development of gambling regulation in Israel because, on October 15, 2018, a law approved to block dark websites (drugs selling, etc.) was extended to block gaming sites. 

Some alternative poker rooms closed their doors, but new ones came, and the grey gambling industry continued to develop underground. 

Traffic overview at Israeli poker rooms

Our current offer of Israeli poker rooms covers four sites:

  • GoldPokerPro
Hold'em (ILS/USD) 1/2 [$0,28/$0,57] 2/4 [$0,57/$1,14] 3/6 [$0,85/$1,7] 5/10 [$1,42/$2,84] 10/20 [$2,84/$5,67]
8-max 1 2 1 1 0
HU 0 0 0 1 3
Omaha (ILS/USD)   2/4 [$0,57/$1,14] 3/6 [$0,85/$1,7] 5/10 [$1,42/$2,84] 10/20 [$2,84/$5,67] 15/30 [$4,26/$8,5] 50/100 [$14,2/$28,4]
8-max   2 1 1 1 1 1
  • Pureplay
Hold'em (ILS/USD) 1/2 [$0,28/$0,57] 2/4 [$0,57/$1,14]   5/10 [$1,42/$2,84] 10/20 [$2,84/$5,67]
8-max 0 0   2 2
HU 2 2   2 2
  • PokerSharks
Hold'em (USD) $2/4 $3/6
HU 2 1
Omaha (USD) 0,5/1 1/2 2/4 3/6 10/20 15/30
8-max 1 1 1 0 2 1
HU 0 0 2 1 0 0
  • Royal Diamond
Omaha (ILS/USD) 1/2 [$0,28/$0,57] 2/4 [$0,57/$1,14] 3/6 [$0,85/$1,7] 5/10 [$1,42/$2,84] 10/20 [$2,84/$5,67] 20/40 [$5,68/$11,36]
8-max 1 1 1 2 2 1

GoldPokerPro is the oldest and largest one, but new sites like PokerSharks already have great action at mid and high stakes.

The following table combines all traffic that can be spotted during peak time at all four Israeli poker rooms:


Players/Stake NL50 NL100 NL200 NL300 NL600
6-max 1 1 1 3 2
HU 2 2 2 2 5


Players/Stake PLO50 PLO100 PLO200 PLO300 PLO600 PLO800 PLO1000 PLO2000 PLO3000
6-max 1 4 3 6 3 1 1 3 1
HU 0 0 0 2 1 0 0 0 0

In total, 21 Hold'em tables from NL50 to NL600 are visible in the lobby, and over 50% are played in HU format.

About Omaha, 26 tables from PLO50 to PLO3000 can be seen, and the most popular format is 8-max and 6-max (only 12% of the tables are played in HU format).

We can conclude that Israeli poker rooms are an excellent option for grinders and bumhunters looking to add a few tables with incredible soft action at medium and high-stakes, including HU.

Rake structure and rakeback deal at Israeli poker rooms


All Worldpokerdeals will receive a top rakeback deal when playing at Israeli poker rooms. Each site has a different deal and can be confirmed with our team when creating your account.

In terms of rake, playing at Israeli poker rooms isn't cheap, and even won't be profitable without our rakeback deal. 

Poker room Rake CAP
Pureplay 5% 300ILS ($83)
GoldPokerPro 5% 300ILS ($83)
Royal Diamond 3%-4% High
PokerSharks 4%% 5bb

Deposit and withdrawal methods at Israeli poker rooms

Our team processes all deposits and withdrawals from Israeli poker rooms using the following payment methods:

  • Skrill (USD and EUR);
  • Neteller (USD and EUR);
  • ecoPayz (USD and EUR);
  • Bitcoin

Please note that some Israeli poker rooms are subject to a withdrawal fee related to the costs of handling local currency. Please confirm with our manager the current fee.

FAQ: how to play at Israeli poker rooms in 2019



Almost all sites use ILS at the tables (3,6ILS = $1), except PokerSharks that offer tables in USD.


All Israeli poker rooms offer clients both for desktop (Windows and Mac OS), mobile devices, and HTML5 (for web-browsers).

All clients are functional and cover the basic needs of grinders. Of course, it isn't the most advanced software, but considering that the industry is just developing, we can say that the software is up to date.

There are almost no hand converters for Israeli poker rooms (which is somehow good for maintaining a soft field); the only one that can be purchased is a converter for Royal Diamond Poker, and our players get a special discount on it.

Playing on Saturdays?

As you may have guessed, almost all traffic at Israeli poker rooms is local; therefore, the rooms are almost empty on Saturdays according to local traditions. Also, please note that our team needs to perform a chip count every Tuesday and for a short time it won't be possible to join the games.

Are the tables soft?

Although gambling is popular in Israel, the market is still very young, and almost all players are wealthy businessman or enthusiasts that have watched famous poker players on TV. 

You can ask our team for test accountsto check the traffic before making a deposit; you will surely see fishes each table.

Are my funds safe at Israeli poker rooms?

We understand that joining underground poker rooms can be scary. That's why Worldpokerdeals has its bankroll guarantee program, which covers almost all Israeli poker rooms. In short, we guarantee the funds you have in the room with our brand. Please confirm with our manager the terms and conditions at each poker room.


The development of a grey poker market in Israel attracts two different kinds of players:

  • Wealthy businessman and gamblers who wants to continue playing online despite the regulations;
  • Professional poker players looking for soft fields to join.

We work with the second group of players, which nowadays represents a low percentage of traffic. Our deal for grinders includes:

  • Cashier services with convenient payment methods;
  • Bankroll guarantee*;
  • Rakeback.

Please contact our team to start playing at the best Israeli poker rooms on the market.

Manager/Contact Skype Telegram
Rodion (Head of Company): rodion_longa iamlonga
David (Royal Diamond Poker, PokerSharks) live:b8f3fa9afc6fa3cc David_wpd
Matvey (GoldPokerPro, Pureplay) asianpokerdeals.italy magic_info

GoldPokerPro logo
High stakes action
Unfortunately deal is stopped at the current moment
Royal Diamond Poker logo
Royal Diamond Poker
High stakes action Only for VIP players
Deposit bonus n/a
Rakeback VIP
Purepoker logo
Fast cashouts
Unfortunately deal is stopped at the current moment
Pokersharks logo
High stakes action
Deposit bonus n/a
Rakeback up to 35%

Stay tuned on our Telegram channel for more EV+ news.

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