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Join the Pokerdom 5th anniversary with over $70k in poker promotions

The largest Russian poker network, Pokerdom (currently 15th in the PokerScout ranking) is hosting several promotions throughout August to commemorate its 5th anniversary. In this article, we share all the details to make the most of Pokerdom's 5th-anniversary celebration.

Join the Pokerdom 5th anniversary with over $70k in poker promotions

Pokerdom Birthday Mega Tournament

A fantastic ₽5,000,000 birthday tournament will be played at Pokerdom on August 24th, 4:00 PM (Russian time zone). For its 5th Anniversary, Pokerdom has a ₽5000 + ₽555 buy-in ($85, 11% rake, a bit high even compared with other alternative poker rooms) and a guaranteed prize pool of ₽5,000,000 ($76,500).

Pokerdom has set a vast satellite campaign awarding tickets to the Mega Tournament:


  • Until August 23rd and for scoring at least 1555 "Freebies" points/day, a ticket for the Daily satellite for "Pokerdom Birthday" ₽5,000,000 will be awarded; each daily satellite has 5 GTD tickets;
  • For making a Royal Flush at the Hold'em cash games tables, players will receive a ticket to the "Pokerdom Birthday";
  • Players can also buy an entrance to the Daily Satellite for ₽50 or play step events for as little as ₽5.

A Mega Satellite with 100 tickets GTD (worth ₽555,500) will be held on August 24th for ₽500.

Ultra Marathon Tournament

A ₽500,000 ($7,6k) multi-entry tournament will be held on September 29th. From August 5th until September 28th, a qualifying stage is being played, and players can get up to 10 tickets.

Players can get free tickets for the Ultra Marathon with the satellite campaign (freerolls will award tickets to Step 1/2) events or play Step 1 satellites for ₽55.

The Ultra Marathon is a ticket-only event; therefore, the only way to play the tournament is to participate in the Birthday Tournament Race involving all the satellite campaign.

Free-rake 5 Card Omaha

Until August 25th all the 5 Card Omaha tables at Pokerdom will be rake-free. 5 Card Omaha is a very trending game now, and Pokerdom is one of the few rooms besides poker apps where it can be played nowadays:

5 Card Omaha traffic at Pokerdom:

  • ₽1/₽2 (0,015/$0,03): 2 tables;
  • ₽2,5/₽5 ($0,035/$0,07): 3 tables;
  • ₽25/₽50 ($0,38/$0,77): 2 tables.

Also, a Bad Beat Jackpot exclusive for the 5 Card Omaha tables with ₽500,000 will be available during the promotion (right now the prize pool is over ₽620,000).

Boost Starfall

All players joining the Pokerdom fast poker version, Boost, will receive prizes for getting Four of a Kind or Full House (the hand must include pocket fives):

Limit Prize
up to 5/10 (inclusive) 50 ₽
over 5/10 500 ₽

Pokerdom traffic overview

During peak time (Russian nights), over 1600 connections can be spotted at Pokerdom. Traffic can be resumed like this:

Pokerdom fast poker traffic:

Stake [RUB] Traffic
0,5/1 (0,008/$0,015) 26 players
1/2 ($0,015/$0,03) 65 players
2,5/5 ($0,038/$0,077) 8 players
5/10 ($0,076/$0,15) 49 players
25/50 ($0,35/$0,77) 18 players

Pokerdom NLH traffic:

Stake [RUB] Traffic
0,5/1 (0,008/$0,015) 4 tables
1/2($0,015/$0,03) 6 tables
2,5/5 ($0,038/$0,077)  6 tables
5/10 ($0,076/$0,15) 5 tables
10/20 ($0,15/$0,3) 2 tables
15/30 ($0,23/$0,46) 1 table
25/50 ($0,35/$0,77) 1 table
100/200 ($1,5/$3) 1 table

Pokerdom PLO traffic:

Stake [RUB] Traffic
2,5/5 ($0,038/$0,077) 5 tables
5/10 ($0,076/$0,15) 2 tables
10/20 ($0,15/$0,3) 3 tables
15/30 ($0,23/$0,46) 3 tables
25/50 ($0,35/$0,77) 1 table
50/100 ($0,75/$1,5) 2 tables
150/300 ($2,3/$4,6) 1 table

To get access to our VIP services at Pokerdom, please contact our manager, Alexey (Skype, Telegram).

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