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$1M GTD King of the Ring PKO Series on Chico Poker Network

Author: Vargoso Published: 18.02.22

The US-friendly Chico network decided to hold a dedicated PKO series - King of the Ring for the second year in a row. It starts on February 20, 2022, and features 120 events with a total guarantee of $1M. Also, there will be 4 leaderboards for different buy-in levels with an extra $10,000 up for grabs. You can learn about all the features of this festival from our article.

$1M GTD King of the Ring PKO Series on Chico Poker Network

King of the Ring 2

Chico Poker Network held its first PKO series a year ago. Now it looks pretty likely to become a tradition:

From February 20 to March 6, 2022, TigergamingBetonline, and Sportsbetting will host the King of the Ring PKO Series with a total guarantee of $1,000,000 across 120 events.

There are some differences compared to last year:

  • The number of events has increased by 13.
  • All $0.55 buy-in events have been removed from the schedule. The maximum buy-in has been increased to $525 (there will be 5 such events with $15K-$25K GTD).
  • The four Main Events that start on March 6 have been completely redone. The buy-ins have increased while the guaranteed prize pool of the largest one has been halved:
Time (CET) Event Buy-in
19:00 LW MAIN EVENT – $25,000 GTD $11
19:30 MW MAIN EVENT – $75,000 GTD $55
20:00 HW MAIN EVENT – $100,000 GTD $215
21:00 FW MAIN EVENT – $3,000 GTD $2.2

Due to this flagship event change, the average guarantee of all other tournaments remained roughly the same ($7,563 vs. $7,547). There will be 1-2 daily PLO/PLO8 events this time, and the biggest of them is the $55 buy-in $10,000 GTD PLO8 7-max event on February 20.

Curiously, there are only 4 events available in the lobby just two days before the beginning of the series, and satellites to them start on February 20. The easiest way to find these tournaments in the lobby is by typing "KOTR" in the search field.

The full King of the Ring PKO Series schedule is available here (all times are CET-6).


The leaderboards kept the same prize pool like last year. It is divided into 4 ratings depending on the buy-in amount:

  • $1,500 Featherweight (up to $4.99).
  • $2,000 Lightweight ($5-$19.99).
  • $3,000 Middleweight ($20-$99.99).
  • $3,500 Heavyweight ($100+).

Players are awarded 1 point for each KO. The prize pool is distributed as follows:

Place Featherweight Lightweight Middleweight  Heavyweight 
1 $110 $150 $280 $450
2 $95 $135 $225 $375
3 $80 $120 $195 $300
4 $75 $105 $165 $275
5 $65 $90 $135 $250
6-10 $55 $75 $100 $150
11-20 $35 $50 $75 $110
21-35 $20 $35 $50  
36-50 $10      

Compared to last year, the number of paid places on each leaderboard has increased. The top places on the Featherweight leaderboard offer the best payout/buy-in ratio.

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