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Las Vegas Mayor calls Nevada's lockdown "total insanity"

Las Vegas Strip — that iconic location where Caesars Palace and other massive casinos are located — seems like a ghost town now. Sin City has been shut down for more than a month, and although the COVID outbreak is a top priority now, the economic repercussions are still unknown.

Las Vegas Mayor calls Nevada's lockdown "total insanity"

Las Vegas Strip shut down for over a month

57 years after John F Kennedy's assassination in 1963, the Las Vegas Strip was shut down due to the Coronavirus outbreak on March 18, 2020.

Before Nevada Governor, Steve Sisolak, ruled on this shocking move, many casinos and hotels had voluntarily closed their doors, and the brightest city on earth began at least one month of lockdown.

This has affected the poker world as many events have been postponed like the WSOP 2020.

Mayor of Las Vegas: I want everything back

This week, seasoned journalist Anderson Cooper interviewed Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman about the current situation on The Strip. While Goodman was pushing to reopen casinos and hotels, Copper asked complex questions that the Mayor answered erratically.

In short, Goodman appealed to the economic impacts of the closure, mentioning that 2,5 million people were locked up without working while there are only 150 deaths in Las Vegas.

Considering this, the Mayor asked to open all businesses, casinos, restaurants, conventions, hotels, etc., so that all people with low and medium incomes can get their jobs back.

Cooper attacked, saying that reopening the city now was like creating a virus Petri dish and asked Goodman about testing, social distancing, and contact tracing.

CNN Interview Vegas Mayor

Then Goodman called Cooper an alarmist and said that she didn't own a private casino, so it wasn't her responsibility to have such details; "that's their job, not the mayor's job," she said.

Please let us open up the city of Las Vegas, let us get back to business. This severe disease could last until December and could be part of something that we would be dealing with for a long, long time. With no timing, no cure, and no vaccine, it could last for years. You're talking disease. I'm talking life and living.

At the end of the interview, Goodman said that she offered Las Vegas to be a control group and even mentioned giving placebos to the population, all this while the journalist could not believe what he was hearing.

If casinos reopen, are you going to be inside the casinos every single night, putting your life on the line? Cooper asked. Then, Goodman said the most questioned phrase of the night: First of all, I don't gamble.

Recognized players like Daniel Negreanu referred to the interview and said that "Cooper may have just ended her career".

Daniel Negreanu Interview

I will not allow citizens to be used as a control group: Nevada's Governor

Shortly after the interview ended, Cooper called Nevada's Governor Steve Sisolak and asked him what Mayor Goodman said earlier. He was emphatic:

We are clearly not ready to open. I will not allow the citizens of Nevada to be used as a control group, as a placebo, I certainly won't allow that.

He said that "there are many people who want to get back in business," but he reminds them that social distancing and the collaboration of the citizens helped a lot to control the disease.

We want to welcome everybody back, but that's not today, and that's no tomorrow. When we do it, we're going to do it right. We can rebuild our economy. We will rebuild our economy. 

In short, Governor Sisolak disavowed Mayor Goodman.

The COVID outbreak is forcing people to make impossible decisions. No one wants to choose between a paycheck or their life, but unfortunately for many, that's the reality. Our invitation is to stay safe and follow the official recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization). Together we will go through this.

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