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Lotos Poker review by Rodion Longa. In search for a GG spot.

Lotos Poker, who after a recent breakup with the elderly widow "Pacific Poker" carried away by the young and sexy GG Network, has finally opened!
This time officially and irrevocably. In this post I will list the known facts about the room and try to give an unbiased recommendation to those to whom this room can be profitable and those who can skip it with ease.  Lets go!

With Lotus everything is comparably simple - at first, it is one of the Grand skins of the GG Network, that is currently being beaten by RAW regs quite hard. The network has its limitations, such as the ban on the use of trackers, but in general, based on the results of our players, it did not have any detrimental effect on their win rates.

The second important point, Lotus - is a room that, in addition to regulars, is engaged in attracting recreational traffic, which means that its longevity within the network has the highest chances.

The third point, GG is known for its loose games with Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and Indonesian players. Stakes available from NL50 to NL5000 SH and similar in Omaha. A decent grid in MTT tournaments. Deposits and cashoits are guaranteed by the high reliability of the Lotus brand itself. So those who have long wanted to try Asian sites, but believed that game setups are grey and untransparent, have finally got what they needed.

In 2017, online poker in Asia is experiencing a real boom. And its not an overstatement. 

To be completely honest,  the GG network is not the most fishy and profitable network to play against Chinese players, but it will serve as a safe bridge for many regulars who want to switch from Grand networks to something much more profitable, but do not tolerate the peculiarities of Asian sites.

By the way, in Lotos you can make deposits directly in all convenient ways. The localization and adaptation of the room to English market is at a very decent level.

Now, as for the players that Lotus can safely skip. First of all it is HU players. 2 max: there are no tables and not expected in near future. For those who are looking for a good HU games in Chinese lineups, there are PokerMaster better options, much more profitable.

Secondly, SNG players. Such kind of a game as Sit & Go is unpopular among Asians. So here is also a miss.

Third, Spin&Go players. Yes, Good Gaming has its analogue - the Fortune Spin game, but high rake and low multipliers, combined with strange deductions to the accumulation fund, to our point, make the game non-profitable.

MTT players, low and medium buyins are represented quite good, but expensive tournaments are lacking. For you, MTT grinders, there is Lianzhong, where tourney guarantees reach $100k (Place for a meme with Liaznhong saying: Now who the hell is an underground network?)

As for the rakeback deal:

Playing in the Lotus from us, in addition to the automatic rakeback of 35%, you get access to the rake race, which without special feats, gives + 12-15% return over the latch. By the way, this is one of the most competitive, and most importantly, coordinated with the network, offers on the market.

In other words, we confidently advise Lotos to all SH players (PLO and NLH) and MTT-players of low and mid buyins. Multitabling is convinient, the network brought its software to a decent level, and most importantly optimized it for playing on several tables.

Asian poker rooms are getting closer to the regulars, and we try to do everything to make the game in our rooms not only profitable, but also convenient.

The Chinese poker boom has breathed new life into our professional activity and I am glad that Worldpokerdeals is the largest provider of Asian rooms for the international market.

To explore all the offers in Asian poker rooms, I suggest using our dedicated page.

Feel free to contact one of our managers, we will help you to choose the best field for your grind.

Rodion Longa, Head of Worldpokerdeals.com

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