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Microgaming Network after RedKings: Traffic review

This week one of the oldest Microgaming Network skins, RedKings Poker, ceased its poker operations and will only keep the casino brand. In this article, we study the impacts and review the current network traffic.

Microgaming Network after RedKings: Traffic review

Microgaming: a constantly evolving network

A few weeks ago we confirmed the closure of RedKings Poker, but if we look back at the history of the network, this kind of movements can be considered as regular:

  • 2012 — Betsafe and Betsson, poker rooms belonging to the Ongame network, joined to MPN sharing the network's pool;
  • 2013 — RedStar joined the network after leaving Cake;
  • 2014 — The flagship room of MPN, Unibet, became an independent site;
  • 2016 — RedKings came to MPN after the closure of Ongame;
  • 2017 - 2018 — Poker Loco and TrioBet closed their doors;
  • 2018 — local poker rooms 7777.bg (Bulgaria), TouTou (Asia), CoolBet (Nordic countries) began operations;
  • 2019 — Betway and RedKings ceased its operations;
  • 2019 — two new rooms (One Time and PCF) were launched;

The most significant movement was the leaving of Unibet; the flagship room and that represented almost 30% of the network traffic.

Microgaming after RedKings

To compare the network traffic evolution, we'll use data from articles posted last year in our blog. In general, the traffic overview is the following one:

Stake With RedKings Without RedKings
NL10 18 16
NL20 11 12
NL50 12 11
NL100 4 5
NL200 3 6
NL400 4 1
NL600 3 1
NL1K-2K 4 2

The RedKings Poker closure didn't affect the network traffic at low and mid-stakes (up to NL200) traffic of the network. As for higher stakes, the reduction can be explained by a seasonal decline which is very common on this network. 


Our analysis om the Microgaming network traffic after the RedKings Poker closure proved that this situation didn't affect the number of available games. Most likely, the players just switched to other skins of the network, like RedStar Poker, where Worldpokerdeals offers an amazing 50% fixed rakeback deal every month. Contact our manager Anton to get more information about our RedStar Poker deal.

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Vargoso 30.04.19
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