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Microgaming Network: What Will Happen to the €350,000 Jackpots?

On May 19, 2020, the MPN network will be closed. One of the questions that tormented its players, besides to what will happen to the rooms, is what will happen to the jackpots. After all, the prize pool consisted of the fees paid by players, and the total amount of such deductions at the moment is about €350,000.

Microgaming Network: What Will Happen to the €350,000 Jackpots?

MPN will return all jackpots to players

There are currently six jackpots in the Microgaming Poker Network:

  • Bad Beat Jackpot — a voluntary promotion from NL25. Its size now is €46,200;
  • Fish Party Jackpots — from each tournament 0,85% of the rake goes to the jackpot; there is one jackpot per stake (5 in total).

MPN Director Alex Scott recently shared about those prizes:

“Microgaming will return all funds raised from players who are currently in these jackpots.”

How will this process be carried out?

Bad Beat Jackpot

It will be discontinued on May 4, 2020. To receive all the fees you paid to this jackpot fund, you just need to log into your account at least once until May 4.

Any money left in the jackpot after May 4 (for example, money from inactive players, blocked accounts, or inaccessible for any reason) will be added on May 18 to a special freeroll. All players who have contributed to the jackpots in 2020 will receive a ticket to this event.

Fish Party Jackpots

Fish Party Jackpots

The number of these jackpots displayed in the clients of Microgaming rooms consists of two parts. The first, set at 5,000 buy-ins, was added by the network. The second is progressive, created by players’ contributions.

Jackpots in spins will cease to function on the morning of May 18, 2020. To recover all fees you paid to fund these jackpots, you need to log into your account at least once until May 4.

If there is any money left in the Fish Party jackpots after returning the money to the players, it will be played in 5 freerolls starting on May 18. Tickets will be issued to all players who contributed to the jackpots in 2020.

In recent days, the network shared rough data on the ratio of funds that will be distributed among players, and which will go to the freeroll prize pool:

Jackpot Return to players Freeroll
Bad Beat €17,999.50 €575.72
€1 Fish Party €3,047.73 €0.04
€5 Fish Party €39,973.03 €7,982.54
€10 Fish Party €27,189.09 €4,536.13
€20 Fish Party €44,228.07 €12,190.02
€50 Fish Party €71,364.42 €122,463.51

Of course, this is only preliminary data. After reading this news, many players will try to get a refund.

You can play freerolls only ay one room of the poker network, even if you were active on several sites in 2020. Keep in mind that to play the freeroll, you must have contributed to top-up the prize pool this year, and to get a refund you only need to log into your account before May 4.

Of all the Microgaming rooms, only RedStar Poker has decided where it will go after the closing of MPN. They will announce in May what the transition to iPoker will be like. To get top conditions in this poker room, please contact us:

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