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Microgaming Poker Network cease operating in 2020

The news of the closure of any poker room is a loss not only for its players but also for the industry as a whole, even when the process occurs in an organized manner and doesn't involve the loss of money for poker players. Today Microgaming Poker Network confirmed that next year it will close its doors.

Microgaming Poker Network cease operating in 2020

Microgaming Poker Network will close next year

With a blog post called "GG MPN, WP," Alex Scott, the Managing Director of poker division at MPN confirmed that the poker network will close between Q2–Q3 next year (to be confirmed). Scott stated that poker is not part of the business vision that Microgaming has for the future.

"I’m sad to confirm that Microgaming Poker Network will close next year."

The press release also mentions that the decision is not related to any financial problem and that all players who decide to withdraw their bankroll won't face any problem. Also, he states that all the skins of the network confirmed that they will try to find another supplier for poker software and that MPN will give as much support as possible so that the transition process is transparent for both, operators and players.

On Twitter, Scott also shared some thoughts about the difficult process that his team is facing right now, highlighting a great attitude towards the last months of operation, and confirmed that publishing the game's integrity statistics was a tribute to the Poker Integrity Team. Such numbers confirmed that MPN actively worked in fighting bots and other threats to the industry.

What should Microgaming Poker Network players do?

For the players (and also for us as affiliates), this news was completely shocking. Although we were all aware that MPN was gradually losing traffic in recent years, the network also remained as a top choice for grinders not only for its traffic but also for having a very advanced gaming client.

Most importantly, players won't be affected by the Microgaming Poker Network closing process. As Scott said, the company has no financial problems, and closing the network was a business solution; therefore, all the money is available for withdrawal. Recall that in spring and without much noise, the poker room RedKings also shut down.

The conclusion of the review was that, for poker to be as successful as possible, we had to adopt a very different strategy and business model. Ultimately, the poker network is not part of that vision.

Players can continue playing on the network until it closes (or earlier if your skin decides to close/migrate before). All ongoing will be held till the last day, and even UCOP will be played, and overlays can be expected at the tables.

The Universal Championship of Poker series will continue as advertised, and guarantees will remain the same. Expect overlays.


After such news, even considering that the players' money is not at risk, a slight drop in traffic will occur anyway. But overall, this event won't have a significant impact on the online poker industry as MPN is currently ranked 18th in the PokerScout list.

Fair winds and following seas MPN!

Please contact our team if you decide to migrate from any MPN skin to another poker room, we will make a fine choice for you considering your game needs:

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Vargoso 20.09.19
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