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Microgaming Poker Network launched a new poker client

This year, the popular Microgaming Poker Network engaged in the development of a new poker client named "Prima". The project went live on July 26 and all the users now have the opportunity to download it.

Microgaming Poker Network launched a new poker client

The old platform, Wine, will still be online until the end of 2018.  After that, the only available platform will be Prima. In this article, we are going to cover those aspects that will interest our poker players about the new Microgaming platform.

Main Lobby

The new lobby of the Microgaming network poker rooms looks like this:

If you play cash games, there is no need to switch window as all the games and modalities are there. The tables can be started directly from the main lobby since there are no waiting lists. Now both anonymous and regular tables are in the same place.

In the upper left corner of the new lobby, there is a drop-down menu with all the information you may need about the games, the room, deposit, withdrawals and the client itself:

  • "Player History": since tracking software doesn't work in the rooms, all the information about results can be found here. Here you will be able to check your profits for a certain period and even for specific tables.
  • "My Account":  here you can find all the information related to the room loyalty program (points and VIP system information). 


Only one type of table was migrated from the old client to the new one, including bright avatars and four backgrounds in the form of rooms and landscapes:

Only one deck is available, but the cards are clearer and bigger. The same thing cannot be said about the bet sizes or the nicknames, which are thin and small. Therefore, although the tables can be resized to a very small size it's useless because it won't be readable, and multi-table will only work in big screens.

At the tables, if you click on the upper left button a menu will show the customization options.

The button "tile tables"  allows you to organize the tables. In settings, the only important option is the inclusion of a 4-color deck.

A few more interesting facts about the new poker client of the Microgaming Network rooms:

  • Nothing has changed in Fish Party, the MPN version of Spin&Go.
  • The time-bank size is just over 20 seconds.
  • Tracking software doesn't work at all in Prima.
  • The hand histories are only available while you are playing at a table; you can save different hands as a GIF file.
  • The new client supports English, Russian, Spanish and Chinese. You can change the language in the client.
  • Nickname change is allowed only once per month or after every thousand raked hands played.


The first thing that comes to mind when we think about the new "Prima" client of Microgaming, is Unibet Poker. That is the brightest and player-oriented software, where they can quickly and easily find poker and casino games. And, where the amateurs are fully protected from the regulars, and this, of course, means that this software will make the games harder for those for whom poker is a source of income.

We will only know if this update will help the Microgaming Poker Network to increase their traffic (right now the network is located in the 16th place according to PokerScout) in this fall. After all, it's not a coincidence that the new client is being launched after the summer when the seasonal rise of traffic shows up.

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