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More than $50k GTD in exclusive Worldpokerdeals rake races in May 2019

Being a Worldpokerdeals player has its perks: in May 2019 we will host 12 exclusive rake races with over $50k GTD for our players, all on top of our rakeback deals for each poker room. Keep reading to learn how you can increase your EV this month playing with us.

More than $50k GTD in exclusive Worldpokerdeals rake races in May 2019

What is a rake race?

A rake race is a competition that rewards players for making more rake than the villains during a specific period. Usually, a rake race defines a guaranteed prize pool (for example, $10,000), a time frame (15 days, a month), and a set of conditions (number of points awarded for $1 in rake, number of players who receive a prize, included and excluded games, etc.). Every month Worldpokerdeals hosts several rake races at different poker rooms, which increases the EV of the players that get a reward.

Rakeback or rake race?

Giving rakeback to the players and creating loyalty are the main reasons to host a rake race, and it adds fun because players compete against each other. The good news is that all our rake races are paid ON TOP of our rakeback deals. Therefore, the players who get a reward from a race will increase their rakeback deals during that period.

Private $35k rake races at Betfair Poker

Betfair Poker is currently our best offer on the iPoker Network. On top of our transparent fixed rakeback deal of 35%, all our players compete in nine rake races during the month:

€10,000 Betfair Private rake race

The €10,000 race at Betfair is open to all cash games players registered under our deal and rewards the TOP-250 players that rake more during the period using the following points reward structure:

  • €1 in rake = 25 points
  • £1 in rake = 30 points

The race winner will have to score 470,000 points (€18k rake), and he will receive a €1000 reward, 5,5% extra rakeback on top of our deal. This rake race is played two times every month.

€5,000 Betfair Micro Private rake race

The players who are making their bankrolls now are welcomed to challenge their games in the €5,000 Betfair Micro Private rake race, which is open to all players up to NL20/PLO20. The prizes are distributed among the TOP-50 players, and the payments will be processed directly to the players' gaming accounts.

The race winner will need at least 30,000 points (€1,200 rake), and he will get a €500 reward, 40% extra rakeback. This promotion runs two times every month.

€2,500 Betfair Micro Twister Private Rake race

Spin&Go fans have a chance to boost their EV with this exclusive promotion from Worldpokerdeals: €2,500 will be distributed among the best 50 players of the period. All Twister tournaments up to €10 counts toward the promotion and 25 points will be awarded for every €1 paid in rake. The TOP-3 players will get a reward in cash, and all other players will receive Twister Tokens. On the last race, the winner scored 4890 points (€3,800 in rake) for a €400 reward, 10% extra rakeback. This rake race is played two times every month.

Our manager Anton will share more details about our Betfair Poker rakeback deal.

Private $10k rake races at Winner Poker

From May 1st to 16th and again from May 17th to May 30th, all our poker players at Winner Poker will compete for a share of $5,000 that will be distributed among the TOP-100 players. The registration is automatic for all our players and $1 rake = 1 point. This race is a fantastic reason to join the iPoker network with our exclusive rakeback deal, which you can get from our manager Timofey.

Private $16k rake races at Intertops

$4,000 are distributed every week among the best 100 players at Intertops, a small and profitable US-facing poker room. The points are awarded like this:

  • $1 in rake in cash games = 0,5 points;
  • $1 in rake in tournaments = 3,5 points.

The registration is automatic to all our players, and the prizes are on top of our rakeback deal at Intertops. In the past months, the race winner made 4200 points ($8,400 in rake) and received a $420 reward, which is 5% extra rakeback. This rake race is played four times every month.

We regularly update our promotions portfolio, make sure to follow us on Telegram and visit our Promotions site.

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