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Natural8 makes poker fun again

Author: Vargoso Published: 23.10.21

To make poker players excited is a mountain to climb these days. Most poker rooms are all the same in terms of rewards and offers. But Natural8 tries to revive an old tradition of running unique promotions. They promise to bring a lot of fun and entertainment to the players.

Natural8 makes poker fun again

Business as usual

Let's be honest: unlike grinders, many other poker players get bored to death when they see something like this in the promo terms:

  • generate the most rake, VIP points, etc.;
  • play the most hands;
  • see the most flops;
  • win a hand with a royal flush;

Not all players are ready to play poker for 25 hours a day to reach top places on the leaderboards. It's like a discount offer on premium cars: the potential savings are huge, but only a few customers can seriously consider taking advantage.

The same goes to deposit bonuses and loyalty programs: if you are not prepared to play a lot of poker, you'd better avoid them unless you'd be happy with a couple of dollars. It would be much better to receive the bonus money right from the start and generate the required amount of rake afterward, but...

On the other hand, the offers mentioned above became almost mandatory for modern poker rooms. If you don't have a rewards program or rake races, some of your potential customers would prefer the competitors. And these promotions require a significant marketing budget.

But what about constant discussions on the "poker ecosystem"? Casual players can be barely attracted by leaderboards or massive deposit bonuses, right? Most probably, the perfect promo should be:

  1. affordable for any bankroll;
  2. fun to participate;
  3. promising in terms of potential prizes.

Well, let's return back from the perfect world. After all, poker rooms were established to earn, not only to give. So is there any way for them to satisfy the players' demands and make some profit simultaneously?

Another way


Back in the 2010s, several iPoker Network skins had exciting non-network-wide offers, but these days are long gone. The rare exclusions usually come in private rake races, like the recent one from RedStar Poker. But they can't be expected to attract the attention of casual players. And here is some good news:

Natural8, Asia's largest online poker room, decided to treat its players with two unique Halloween-themed promotions. You won't find them at other GGNetwork skins.

Let's start with the "Trick or Treat." The rules are simple: players can participate in 7 daily missions, starting from October 25, 2021. Complete any of them and choose between Treat and Trick rewards. The first one guarantees you a C$ prize (Cash Game Dollars), which you can use to buy into cash games. If you want to try your luck, then choose the second option instead, for the chance to win one of the 3 major prizes - or nothing at all. See the details in the table below:



Treat Reward

Trick Reward

October, 25

Deposit $100


1 x iPhone 13 Pro Max


1 x $300


1 x $200

October, 26

Rake $20


October, 27

Rake $30


October, 28

Deposit $50


October, 29

Rake $40


October, 30

Rake $20


October, 31

Win 3 hands with Pocket Js


There will also be a bonus Flipout for those who manage to complete all 7 missions. It features the same 3 major prizes as Trick rewards.

Remember the much-criticized previous version of PokerStars loyalty program that was changed just recently. It offered modest prizes for specific amounts of rake, with an almost non-existent possibility to win something big. In other words, players were forced to choose a Trick. After the changes, the program became more clear and straightforward, but the possibility for rare big payouts has gone. So here comes the Treat, without an alternative again.

There's no doubt that an idea to give players a choice at least deserves some attention. After all, the main difference between poker and slots is the possibility to influence the game somehow, instead of just pressing the button and seeing what would happen.

If missions are not your thing, take a closer look at the "Game of Squids." This is a hand-made promo inspired by Squid Game from Netflix. It consists of 6 uniquely designed poker tournaments, which promise to challenge even the seasoned pros. The details of each event will only be revealed close to the start time. There will be only one winner, but the prize has not been announced yet.

Such promotions are good for the industry in general, and not without reason:

  1. Free to enter promotions with unusual and thrilling structure attract the attention of casual players;
  2. New formats decrease the pros' advantage over amateurs;
  3. Other poker rooms closely watch the competitors. If someone offers an exciting innovation that would be much appreciated by the players, the others will follow. You should remember fast-fold poker and 3-max jackpot SNGs back in the early 2010s.

What's next?

Game of Squids Natural8

The best part is that Natural8 promises to offer new exclusive promotions from time to time. We can give you an idea of what to expect for Christmas and New Year. Last December, they came up with the "Dear Santa" promotion of 8 daily Flipouts with over $12,000 in prizes. Here are the main features:

  1. Cheap to enter - modest $1 buy-in allowed you to participate in all events;
  2. Easy to play - flip outs do not even require you to be logged in;
  3. Many winners - top 80 finishers of each flipout received random prizes (640 in total);
  4. Exciting prizes - goods (Surface Pro 7 Tablet PC, iPhone 12 Mini, PlayStation 5, Secret Lab Gaming Chair), cash and WSOP satellite tickets;
  5. Charity donation - Natural8 matched all collected buy-ins dollar for dollar and sent them to Charity Water. You are rarely presented with the chance to make a donation and win some prizes in the process without leaving your favorite poker room.

There was also something for live events enthusiasts. During the WSOP Online 2021, Natural8 rewarded several players with LiveX packages. It was an opportunity to make a dream come true and attend WSOP live in Las Vegas.

As you can see, the main mission of Natural8 is to make poker fun again. Here's a message from the Head of Promotions:

"We try our best to spice things up by offering a unique experience to all our players. Together with our deposit bonuses, Fish Buffet loyalty rewards program, and amazing leaderboards, we strive to offer our players a full menu of promotions to help them build their bankroll. We hope that our players enjoy themselves with these promotions as much as we enjoy creating it for them."

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