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Negreanu dominated the second round and recover US$98K against Doug Polk

Author: Vargoso Published: 08.01.21

Two out of two for Canadian Daniel Negreanu in the second season of his HU battle with the American Doug Polk. The GGPoker ambassador shows that he wants to write a very different story in this challenge for 2021. With his double victory at the start of the year, ‘Kid Poker’ reduces by US$125.000, the red balance he has against his opponent from the beginning of the challenge until the end of last season.

Negreanu dominated the second round and recover US$98K against Doug Polk

Negreanu: New year, new life 

Canadian Daniel Negreanu kept the urgency that's led him to cut the gap in the challenge that has been fighting for two months now against Doug Polk and scored a victory of more than US$98.000 on matchday 24. After 13.750 hands played, the lead from the American Polk is around US$645.000, but Negreanu wants to fight to the end.  

Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu has won 13 sessions out of the 24 played, even though most of them have been by a narrow margin compared to Polk’s six-digit victories. On wednesday’s sesion he recovered US$98.580 so the accounts are at US$644.668 in favor of Polk.

Negreanu and Polk were back in action on Monday for the second half in US$200/US$400 NLHU, played in partnership with the World Serie Of Poker site, WSOP.com, and is broadcasted on the GGPoker channel on YouTube. Despite piling up losses of US$770.000, Kid Poker ruled out the possibility of giving up, agreed by both at the beginning of the match as a lifeline for whoever was losing at that moment.

Daniel Negreanu confirms he will keep battling in 2021  

The course of the battle after the year-end season kept the fans anxious after Polk's 22-session lead until Negreanu stated that he would go all the way.

Negreanu also takes spots off the tables

In a field completely different from his work as a grinder, the GGPoker ambassador, Canadian by nationality, but resident in the United States and with wide commercial ties and professional interests that involve Uncle Sam’s country; he spoke out about the events that occurred in the Capitol this Wednesday, in a rather suspicious tone.

Daniel Negreanu about the US situation

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