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Negreanu vs. Polk: 10 sessions played

Author: Vargoso Published: 24.11.20

The heads-up challenge between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk has reached its first milestone — 10 sessions played. During this time, players have battled for 4,651 hands and, thanks to the results of the last two days, Polk is ahead by $143,996.

Negreanu vs. Polk: 10 sessions played

Longest challenge session

Online poker has entertained us in many ways in 2020. For example, two high roller challenges are now being played. Yesterday, we wrote about the Galfond Challenge results after 30 sessions, and today we will check the Polk vs. Negreanu Challenge match that has reached its 10th session number.

Detailed results:

Session Winner Result Hands
1 Daniel Negreanu $116,500 200
2 Doug Polk $218,293 424
3 Doug Polk $166,239 382
4 Daniel Negreanu $87,167 366
5 Daniel Negreanu $206,995 365
6 Doug Polk $93,543 637
7 Daniel Negreanu $222,832 591
8 Daniel Negreanu $24,157 457
9 Doug Polk $205,522 377
10 Doug Polk $117,624 852
TOTAL Doug Polk $143,996 4,651

After ten sessions and 4,651 hands, Doug Polk is ahead in the challenge by $143,996.

The table shows that the American has made a breakthrough in the last two days and won more than $340,000. He said the following about this:

Doug Polk comment about the challenge

The Canadian, despite the unfortunate results of recent days, kept his good mood and shared his favorite wine with his subscribers:

Daniel Negreanu and wine

Session 10 video:

What do Polk and Negreanu say?

It's fascinating how this heads-up challenge dramatically changed the relationship between the two players. We all remember that Doug challenged Negreanu to a duel as his implacable opponent, and for many years, he has strongly criticized Negreanu. However, both players gave an interview after the ninth session, showing a new reality:

Doug Polk:

"Obviously I and Negreanu have like a long history back and forth, more on my side than his. I gained a lot of respect for Negreanu. I talked to Daniel when in the live poker challenge, I did go a little too far on him."

Daniel Negreanu:

"I was a little surprised by Doug's comments and I really appreciate them. "

How long will the HU challenge last?

In twenty calendar days, Doug and Daniel have played more than a third of the 12,5k hands' milestone (in which players can abandon if they want to), but now it is almost impossible for the battle to end before the new year.

There will be only two more sessions this week due to thanksgiving: Wednesday and Saturday. But even further, the intensity of the match may be low — Negreanu wants to play the WSOP $10,000 Main Event and finds sessions longer than two hours unnecessarily exhausting.

Therefore, the challenge may last at least a few months more.

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