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Negreanu vs. Polk: last session in 2020

Author: Vargoso Published: 31.12.20

Players in the most famous HU battle were able to play 12,500 hands by the end of 2020. It was this line that was defined by Daniel and Doug as a place after which one of the players can refuse to continue playing. The American poker player wins $770,254 from his opponent after such a distance.

Negreanu vs. Polk: last session in 2020

Results of the battle in the outgoing year

The last time we told you about the Negreanu vs. Polk challenge was a week ago, after the 20th session. Since then, because of Christmas, they were able to commit only two evenings to poker, and their results, in general, didn't significantly affect the general results of the fight:

  • The 21st session was won with a $114,140 profit by Polk.
  • Daniel won $40.214 on the 22nd session.

After 12,500 hands in the Negreanu vs. Polk Challenge, Doug is $770,254 ahead.

In other words, there were no fundamental changes in the fight. Although, for example, Polk was very unhappy with the results of the 22nd session.

Doug Polk on bluffs

Will the match continue?

The answer to this question must be given by Daniel Negreanu, as the losing side. Remember that under the terms of this HU-battle, after 12,500 hands have been played, any player can throw in the towel.

$770K is a very significant amount, even for the Canadian. Even though it is still not as great as after the 18th session when Doug was only 1 buy-in away to win a million.

Negreanu has yet to give a completely unmistakable comment on this. Before the beginning of game day 22, he tweeted a message that should give us some optimism:

Daniel Negreanu on last session of the challenge

Let's hope Daniel puts together his strength and still decides to continue fighting against Doug Polk from January 4th, 2021.

Raffle training with Negreanu

In addition to poker and holidays, Daniel is also involved in charity these days. The player decided to help The Barstool Fund, which raises money for small business people affected by the pandemic. The Canadian did it this way:

Daniel Negreanu fundraiser campaign

For every $100 donated, one lottery ticket will be awarded. And to participate in the drawing of the training, it will be enough to send a screenshot of the transfer to [email protected]

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