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New cryptocurrency poker rooms and rakeback over 100%


A lot of news happened during the past week in the field of the development of modern online poker that is among the cryptocurrency projects.


Betcoin Poker

Betcoin Poker, which survived the closure and owners change back in December 2017, was re-launched a month and a half ago. In the meantime, the room is trying to solve the problem of getting back traffic. During the first week after the restart, they gave 50% of rakeback. Right now they are offering a first deposit bonus of 200% up to 1BTC. And of course, the Bad Beat Jackpot prize was transferred from the old version of the room, and now the total amount is more than 40 Bitcoins.

On March 28, a part of this jackpot was won (20% of the amount due the low limit on which the hand was played). Four Jacks lost against a Royal Flush and the players at the table shared 6099.65 mBTC (about $50,000). 4269.76 mBTC was the amount of money received by the player who caught the bad beat.

Virtue Poker

Virtue Poker - an announcement posted in autumn last year, included the start date for the first stage of tokens sale - April 25. This date coincide with the Alpha test period of the platform itself. The admission will be only to token buyers.

The Beta test is scheduled to start on May 22. During this time, the creators of the room plan to create the backbone of the room community.

The development of Virtue Poker is done by ConsenSys. Its founder, Józef Lubin, one of the Ethereum founders, which will work on the new platform.

The Virtue Poker promises is to be the first fully decentralized poker blockchain system, which solved the issue of security of the players and honesty of RNG. His team consists of famous players as - Phil Ivey, Dan Coleman and Brian Rast.

Cryptonia Poker

Cryptonia Poker - is another brand new project of Ethereum Poker Room. This room announced on April 10 the beginning of pre-ICO. At this stage, it is planned to place 200 million CPC (Cryptonia Poker Chips) at a rate of 11 thousand CPC for 1 ETH. Cryptonia Poker plans to have two stages of ICO after May 1. placing 75% of one billion of their cryptocurrencies.

Along with the pre-ICO, a poker client will be launched on all platforms. To attract players, they are offering 35% of rakeback and GTD tournaments. The main stages of the development of Cryptonia Poker will be completed in early autumn.


CoinPoker - the first real working crypto-room project faced two problems. First, a stable fall in the rate of the CHP, which can be seen in the graph above. Second, a story raised by Canadian Alex Weldon about a team game in the room organized by Asians or their bots.

In the room where there is no rake, now is on place a very profitable rake race with weekly leaderboards. So Alex found the players sitting on 20-40 tables and grinders for 12-16 hours. And since in the race are considered simply the hands which played the flop at the tables, usually they don't play poker and just see the flops.

In response, the administration of CoinPoker only reduced the number of maximum playing tables to eight and promised to ensure fair play.

Betking Poker

Betting Casino launched its own poker room - Betking poker. The casino was created by former poker player Dean Nolan. Between 2014 and 2016, it was one of the most popular projects in the industry and brought investors nearly to 7.5kBTC. In December 2016, it was closed, and in September 2017, Nolan decided to open Betking 2.0.

The Betking Poker software was developed by the Swedish company Cubeia, so is very similar to the NItrogen Sports client. In the room there are Bitcoin and Ethereum tables. The second one are still empty. Limits are calculated in mBTC for Bitcoin tables. The smallest is 0.01/0.01 mBTC ($0.08/$0.08), something like NL10.

Nolan bragged on Twitter about playing a heads-up table of 5/10 mBTC ($40/$80):

To attract players, Betking Poker immediately launched a - $9,000 Weekly Rake Race, being this one the only bonus there. The race is divided in three levels:

Micro Stakes (limits 0.01/0.01, 0.01/0.02) - $1,000;

Low Stakes (limits 0.02/0.05, 0.05/0.1) - $3,000;

Mid Stakes (limits 0.1/0.2, 0.25/0.5) - $5,000.

Prizes are divided into the TOP-50 players in each rating, taking into account the current traffic in the room, any player in the room can can make at least 0.1mBTC of rake for which they count 1 point in the leaderboard. In our days, the rake leaders have 217, 98 and 31 points. Sometimes the winners of the race receive more money that the actual rake they generated. For example, if the winner of the highest rake race gets 400 points per week (40 mBTC is about $274), he will receive $1,000 for the first place.

So, even if the participants increase, this race is very profitable.

In the near future we will post a detailed review about Betking Poker.

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