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New "insane" Twitch streamer on Worldpokerdeals.com - AmcarovecPerm!

Sprats, we captured a new "crazy" streamer in our affiliate nets!

New "insane" Twitch streamer on Worldpokerdeals.com - AmcarovecPerm!

Vova streams 3-5 times per week. His best games are $100 Spin and Goes and...  casino games at highest stakes up to $1500 single bet in the Ultimate Holdem on Pokerstars Casino.

How he manages to combine high chip ev in Spins with aggressive games against the dealer? It is best to ask the coach directly.

Subscribe to his stream channel to never miss his insane action https://www.twitch.tv/amkarovecperm

Oh, and do not forget our channel too https://www.twitch.tv/iamlonga - will restore activity there soon.

Enjoy watching! We try to bring profit together with fun for you, guys.

Rodion Longa (Facebook profile)

captainlonga 09.01.17
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