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Ni hao to play in Chinese poker apps — complete FAQ to Asian mobile platforms

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Ni hao to play in Chinese poker apps — complete FAQ to Asian mobile platforms

Recently, there has been a lively trend towards the transition of Chinese poker traffic to closed online clubs operating in social poker applications, similar to Home Games at Poker Stars, but with the possibility of monetizing such clubs for their owners. Let's figure out where this led the Chinese poker market, how it works and who is behind all this.

First of all, and for the sake of simplicity of understanding, it should be said that these cash clubs are organized on the basis of mobile applications Pokermaster, Pokerfishs and PPPoker. These three applications are only softwares, which you can download from Google Play, or the AppStore. They do not organize cash games themselves, but they provide such an opportunity for anyone who wants to.

Whether it is Chinese fun players who want to host playmoney home games with their "League of Legends" companions, ot the organizers of major Asian online and live games in Macau. There are plenty of such "adult" clubs in which the game is played for real money in CNY (Chinese Yena) and on the basis of all three platforms. Each closed club has its own unique name and each has its own cash games in PLO and NLH. Some allow you to create Heads Up tables, others do not.

The games that are running there start from lowest up to the sky-high stakes (NL / PL10k $ deep stacks). Sometimes the player pools partially overlap, but usually the lineups are all different.

An important and unusual rule for new European and American players: each cash table is created for a certain time period (from 1 to 6 hours). Players who took the place at the table are supposed to play  until the table is closed.

Most often you will not be fined for a one-time exit from the table before the agreed time, but in the case of a systemic leaving during the session, you can be excluded from a Club.

The system  is unusual for our regulars, but from the point of view of Asian players, leaving the table during the game is unpolite. Their understanding to online poker is close to the understanding of private live games that people come to play having enough time. 

Why mobile applications?

As you know, despite the boom, poker is still banned in China. Such a decentralized club system with deposits through an agent is the most common form of circumvention of the current legislation in Asia.

How to deposit and withdraw money?

In all three rooms: Pokermaster, Pokerfishs and PPpoker, you can deposit money directly in Chinese Yenas (1 USD is aprox 7 CNY) for those who live in China or Macao and have contact with the owners or representatives of the clubs. We provide a service for depositing and withdrawing money for international players, and also act as an alliance of Clubs on the basis of these three poker platforms. That is, we provide access and cash operations with a set of proven Clubs for our grinders.

What else do we do?

First of all, we study the games in each specific Club and make sure they are clean and fair. Needless to say, that "All is not gold that glitters" especially when it comes to Chinese gold. The most common form of cheating in Asia is the teamplay. I will go through this topic in a paragraph below.

Secondly, we are engaged in transfers, exchanges and all the logistics of your money. This is so that you can send us Skrill, Neteller, or Bitcoins, and within an hour get an account with the Yen in the account.

In the third place, we guarantee your deposits, thus giving you another level of protection. For more information on how this works, please contact our manager.

Well, most importantly, based on the list of trust clubs, we add you to those where there is an action you are looking for.

Teamplay in Asian poker rooms.

Collusion at Asian sites, in general, is a very common thing. And from the point of certain amount of Chinese players, it is not considered something too bad. Therefore, the problem is systematic and chronic, including outside these three rooms.

Nevertheless,  big name clubs completely or almost completely eliminated the problem, and most importantly - they check suspicious hands and generally communicate with players if complaints are received. This is a community based Clubs in Macau and Beijing and yes, we work with these clubs.

Bad clubs (there are several cases described at twoplustwo forums) - not only ignore complaints  but also indulge in any forms of collusion, and most often take part in it. Therefore, as in the case of the Italian poker rooms (veterans remember a bunch of scam-stories with the Dollaro), you need to carefully pick the place to play.

What is the rake in Pokrmaster, Pokerfishs and PPPoker?

Here, too, everything is interesting. In contrast to the European model, when rake is taken from each hand as a percentage of the bank, in the Chinese playmoney applications - rake is taken as a percentage of the winnings. In other words, when the session for each individual table ends, the players who fare up - pay 5% of the winnings. And those who lose do not pay anything.

Quite an adequate system, as for me. And most importantly, compared to almost all Asian rooms - the actual commission is paid several times less.

In addition to 5% of the rake from the winnings, players pay a small commission for withdrawals, which covers the transfer of money from CNY to the currency and payment system convenient for you (we do Skrill, Neteller, BTC and some others), as well as for our service and accounting work.

Withdrawal methods and speeds:

In most cases, the amounts between 1-10k $ within an hour, the amount up to 10k $ - during the day. All that is higher is within 72 hours. Available wallets: Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, BTC.

What are the lineups, is the game worth the effort?

The lineups at the tables are much weaker than in GG Network and even the Lianzhong. Perhaps the only better games I've seen were played in Bodog of the times of my youth when I was playing poker myself. In the approximate ratio for the tables NL400 - NL5k $ there will always be 2-3 amateur limping players. The game in Pokermaster and Pokerfishs are the most profitable at the moment for mid and high-stakes regs.

The main disadvantage of course is the lack of stats and poker client softwares which are OK to play only from the iPads, or from the extra sized phones (iPhone 7+ and a Android phones with larger screens).

We will help you set up a special software so that you can play these rooms from a desktop PC or laptop.

With the correct settings and 16GB of RAM, you will be relatively comfortable grinding up to 6 tables at a time.

Give me another important info.

We currently have about 15 of our NL / PL400 $ + players grinding in Pokermaster and Pokerfishs. We confirm that these two apps and Clubs we partner up with are hosting fair games. Things going decent and winnings are processed smoothly. As for PPPoker: we had some positive feedback about this platform but we are still in a process of research of it. I would advice to wait for updates in our FB group when the full inspection in over.

I want to check the games in these rooms, can I get a test account?

Easily. Just add me in Skype: rodion_longa or in Telegram: IamLonga and we will provide detailed infos and connect you with our accounting manager, to get demo accounts and make deposits / request cashouts, if you decide to play. This offer is actual for players of stakes from NL / PL400 $ and above. For games below NL400 $ there are other interesting options that I wil cover in the next post.

Have a good grind in May! No time to explain, but online poker, to put it mildly, is far from its death ;)

Rodion Longa, head of Worldpokerdeals.com

P.S. See you in Phuket, Thailand!


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