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Offer for teams, foundations, poker schools and Masonic sects from Worldpokerdeals

Author: longa_old Published: 29.11.16

Today's blog is addressed to affiliates, poker headquarters and schools, coaches, sites about poker and all those who still believe that poker is alive.

Offer for teams, foundations, poker schools and Masonic sects from Worldpokerdeals

In this post, there will be no water and bragging. Extremely simple idea of ​​cooperation: you have the players - we have top deals for them and profit for you.


More traffic and referrals is always good. A percentage of your deals - even better. In addition, the increase of traffic from the rooms allows to obtain even higher deals, which means plus to everyone's income.


The percentage of deals is higher than standard.

Just because we, as the largest affiliates, are given more.

Access to deals in closed networks.

It is almost impossible to organize this by oneself. We have a ready-made setups and established schemes of work with local networks around the world, from China to Latin America.

Full support service for you and your players.

Chances are you'll be working with someone of our managers who will be in touch almost every day for 8+ hours and, if necessary, give his additional contacts for emergency at any time. The manager will tell you all the details of your deal, write out in details the features of the room with which you are going to work. He will provide reports to check tracking and, if possible, solve problems of players, if any.

Personal codes and admin links.

It is worth to note that not always but in most cases we can arrange for you your own link + bonus code. And often we can also make your own admin panel, where all statistics are visible. Sometimes we can not make admin panel and then see paragraph above. Manager will provide all the information in a convenient form once a month or by request - at any time.

Rakeback and bonuses are higher than standard.

The best way to attract players is to give them more than the default is assumed. Most of the rooms understand this and gives us the opportunity to give something more than the standard rakeback, and some poker rooms allow to provide fully own rakeback scheme, often exceeding standard by several times.

Additional goodies.

The advantage is always in details. That is why we are engaged in making life of the player and partner easy, providing everything you need, from layouts, finishing with creating of a bank account. At your request, we can discuss discounts for hand converters, free hand histories, creating of your own layouts and much more.

You can contact us on Skype:

Rodion Longa


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