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Over $13M GTD in MTT events in November 2019

November will be another busy month for MTT regulars: major poker networks have announced over $13M GTD in poker events, including festivals with new formats like 6+ Hold'em. In this article, we share out all the details to prepare yourself for the best tournament series before the end of 2019.

Over $13M GTD in MTT events in November 2019

GG Poker Network: Short Deck Hold'em Tournaments ¥300,000 GTD ($43k)

We already covered the next novelty from GG Poker Network: 6+ Hold'em will be launched on November 4, and in addition to hosting a $140k promotion for cash games players, Good Game will also host a small tournament series from November 4 to 10. Five events will be played each day, and as cash games tables, the buy-ins will be in CNY; the same button/ante format will apply to tournaments as well.

Shor Deck Hold'em Tournaments schedule

Event Buy-in GTD
Short Deck Freeroll [5-Max] - ¥5,000
¥25 Short Deck [5-Max] ¥25 ¥5,000
¥100 Short Deck [5-Max] ¥100 ¥10,000
¥250 Short Deck [5-Max] ¥250 ¥15,000
¥50 Short Deck Turbo [5-Max] ¥50 ¥8,000

As usual, if these events draw enough attention, the GG Poker Network will add 6+ Hold'em to its regular MTT grid. The average buy-in of this series will be $15, and the total guaranteed prize pool exceeds 40,000.

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Winning Poker Network: Online Super Series $12M GTD

The American network Winning has decided to go all-in in November, combining The Venom $6M GTD with a new edition of Online Super Series. In total the OSS guarantees $12,000,000 across 151 events.

OSS will be held from November 20 to December 15, and the schedule includes two millionaire events (the first one on December 8 with a $540 buy-in and the second one on December 15 with a $215 buy-in).

Winning is also adopting the multi-day structure to avoid possible overlays. It is also worth mentioning that OSS features 18 Omaha Hi/Lo events with buy-ins up to $159 and GTD prize pools up to $30k.

The full Online Super Series $12M GTD schedule can be found here.

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888 Poker: PKO Series $1,000,000 GTD

Right after adding bounty tournaments to its schedule, 888 Poker added the PKO Series to the XL Series. Another event is scheduled from November 10 to 17, with 24 events and a total guaranteed prize pool of one million dollars. The average buy-in will be $55.

There will be two Main Events as follows:

  • PKO Series #24 – $50,000 Mini Main Event, $33;
  • PKO Series #23 – $300,000 Main Event, $320.

PKO Series 888 Poker full schedule

Event Date Type Buy-in GTD
#1 10 November NLHE 9-Max $21S $150K
#2   NLHE Mini 9-Max $22 $30K
#3   NLHE Late 9-Max $55 $20K
#4 11 November NLHE 8-Max $55 $30K
#5   NLHE Mini 8-Max $8,80 $10K
#6   NLHE Late 9-Max $22 $10K
#7 12 November NLHE 9-Max $160 $50K
#8   NLHE Mini 9-Max $16,50 $20K
#9   NLHE Late 9-Max $55 $1SK
#10 13 November NLHE 8-Max $109 $30K
#11   NLHE Mini 8-Max $16,50 $20K
#12   NLHE Late 9-Max $33 $10K
#13 14 November NLHE 9-Max $109 $30K
#14   NLHE Mini 9-Max $16,50 $20K
#15   NLHE Late 9-Max $33 $10K
#16 15 November NLHE Freezeout $55 $20K
#17   NLHE Mini Freezeout $16,50 $1SK
#18   NLHE Late Freezout $33 $10K
#19 16 November NLHE 6-Max $109 $30K
#20   NLHE Mini 6-Max $16,50 $20K
#21   NLHE Late 6-Max $55 $10K
#22 17 November NLHE Warm Up $109 $100K
#23   Main Event $320 $300K
#24   Mini Main Event $33 $50K

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