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Over $200kUSD GTD in April promotions on GG Network

Slow but steady, GG Network has shown amazing progress since last year. Today, the Eurasian network ranks 5 in terms of traffic behind only the industry giants as PokerStars or Winamax. Every month, the network launch new promotions that draw the attention of recreational players, and April 2019 is not the exception; in this article, we comment about two races with over $200kUSD GTD in prizes.

Over $200kUSD GTD in April promotions on GG Network

¥888,000 Rush & Cash Chase in April 2019

Last month, GG announced Cash Drops, its own version of Splash the Pot, the innovative random rakeback system introduced by RunItOnce, and to celebrate the occasion, all GG Networks rooms hosted a ¥680,000 Rush & Cash Chase. It seems that the promotion was quite a success as the traffic has increased, and today a new Rush & Cash Chase was announced, this time with ¥888,000 ($130kUSD) in guaranteed prizes.

For every Rush & Cash hand played, the players will earn points:

Points per hand Blinds
75 ¥10
40  ¥5
9 ¥1
1 ¥0,1

All hands played at the Rush & Cash tables will count towards the promotion, which consists of 4 leaderboards divided by the stake (only the hands played at a specific button blind will be counted for each leaderboard): 

Button Blind ¥10 Prize Pool

Level Required Points Winners / Max Winner Prize
1 400,000 500 ¥100
2 1,700,000 100 ¥750
3 3,500,000 50 ¥2,500
4 8,500,000 20 ¥10,000
5 15,000,000 3 ¥25,000
6 22,000,000 1 ¥50,000

Button Blind ¥5 Prize Pool

Level Required Points Winners / Max Winner Prize
1 200,000 500 ¥50
2 850,000 100 ¥500
3 2,000,000 50 ¥2,000
4 6,000,000 3 ¥10,000
5 10,000,000 1 ¥25,000

Button Blind ¥1 Prize Pool

Level Required Points Winners / Max Winner Prize
1 50,000 500 ¥25
2 250,000 100 ¥200
3 1,000,000 20 ¥1,500
4 2,000,000 3 ¥5,000

Button Blind ¥0.10 Prize Pool

Level Required Points Winners / Max Winner Prize
1 5,000 500 ¥5
2 20,000 100 ¥25
3 100,000 20 ¥250

At the low stakes (¥1 and ¥0.10) over 100 players can be spotted during the peak time, while the highest ones (¥10 and ¥5) may reach 50.

$100,000 All-In or Fold Race in April 2019

Every month, GG Network holds a promotion for All-In or Fold players, which is the format responsible for a big influx of recreational players. Last month an AoF Festival was held and in April the network announced a rake race with $100kUSD GTD in prizes.

All hands played to the showdown at AoF tables with 3 players or more will count towards the promotion, and points will be awarded according to the stake:

Blinds Points per hand
$100 / $200 2,100
$50 / $100 1,050
$5 / $10 100
$4 / $8 90
$2 / $4 45
$1 / $2 24
$0.50 / $1 12
$0.25 / $0.50 8
$0.10 / $0.25 5

On Saturdays and Sundays, the points will have multipliers: X2 and X1.5 respectively, and the last two days of the promotion will have the same structure. Traffic at AoF tables is very good: at mid-stakes, up to 10 tables can be seen during the peak time; up to 6 tables are played at the highest stakes (NL1k-NL2k) and Omaha players can join the action up to PLO200.

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