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Overview of GGPoker promotions in November 2020

Besides the renewal of the promotions package — $5,000,000 November Giveaway — GGPoker will change the rules for leaving the fast-fold poker tables (ratholing prevention), and tournament players will see many differences.

Overview of GGPoker promotions in November 2020

$5,000,000 November Giveaway

This time there were almost no changes in the structure of monthly races. Detailed information can be read in our article — GGPoker's October 2020 poker promotions. In November 2020, the only difference is that the daily prize pool for 6+ Hold'em will boost from $7,500 to $10,000.

Full list of promotions:

  1. Short Deck - $300,000 - Daily Leaderboard
  2. Rush&Cash - $1,000,000 - Daily Leaderboard
  3. AoF - $1,000,000 - Instant Reward
  4. Holdem - $630,000 - Daily Leaderboard
  5. Omaha - $630,000 - Daily Leaderboard
  6. Spin&Gold - $650,000 - Daily Leaderboard
  7. Honeymoon - $150,000 - Instant Reward
  8. Daily Free Spin — Log in each day for a free Spin & Gold ticket
Stake Prizes Paid positions
$10 $3,500.00 8
$5 $2,030.00 20
$2 $1,575.00 30
$1 $1,050 35
$0.50 $970 50
$0.25 $551.50 50
$0.10 $318.00 50
$0.05 $194.00 50
$0.02 $105.50 50

New rules for Rush & Cash tables

At fast-fold poker tables, new ratholing prevention rules will apply from November:

Players leaving the table with winnings must buy-in with at least the stack size they left the previous table to rejoin the game in less than an hour.

This major update will put an end the to practice of some players quitting games immediately after winning a large pot and returning to the table with a smaller stack, a common "short stackers" habit.

New All-in or Fold stakes

All-in or Fold new stakes

For AoF fans, three new stakes in Hold'em will be added to the lobby:

Name SB/BB Buy-in Jackpot probabilities Rake per hand
AoF Diamond $10/$20 $160 2% $1 on the player
AoF Bronze $1/$2 $16 0.30% $0.10 on the player
AoF Blue $0.25/$0.50 $4 0.08% $0.30 on the player

New features for tournament players

GGPoker didn't forget about tournament players. From November 2020, several features will be implemented:

  • Players who sell shares will have a special icon next to the avatar with information about staking. Links to their PokerCraft profile can be added in the notes section;
  • Notes can be edited in PokerCraft;
  • Information about the best hand, biggest bad beat, last hand is now displayed.

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