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partypoker: 2019 results, client update, traffic growth

Author: Vargoso Published: 10.03.20

The beginning of spring at partypoker was very active. Besides the regular increase om the prize pool of the rake race, the site shared its 2019 results, the client was updated again, and the traffic growth boosted the network to the TOP5.

partypoker: 2019 results, client update, traffic growth

partypoker: 8% revenue growth in 2019

GVC Holdings shared last week the results of 2019. As usual, they pay very little attention to partypoker. Even poker room as large as this does not play a significant role in a gaming giant like GVC.

The holding reported a 25% increase in revenue, a total of 3.66 billion pounds. About partypoker, they only shared that revenues increased by 8%. Of course, this is not a double-digit as the first years after the purchase of the room by GVC, neither are negative indicators such as PokerStars. It is also worth mentioning that last year partypoker went through a serious test after they decided to ban HUDs.

The report highlighted that the launch of a new mobile client and the incorporation of Ladbrokes Poker in the second quarter of this year should lead to new sources of traffic and, consequently, an increase in the revenue.

Partypoker: client update on March 5, 2020

Last week the poker site updated its client. The developers said that most of the new features are invisible, but they should have a positive impact on the stability and the players’ experience.

The following interface changes were made:

  • The Rabbit Hunt option is now available in Spins;
  • Diamonds were added from the mobile client. This new “currency” can be spent just to activate Rabbit Hunt;
  • Hold’em Showdown Equity —equity is shown when players are all in;
  • At the HU tables, a player can only exit the game after betting exactly the same number of big blinds as his opponent.

Cash games traffic growth in March 2020

Usually, the beginning of spring is considered the start of a decline in poker traffic, but partypoker is working in the other way: the average number of cash players per week is increasing now. According to PokerScout, it reached the 1,500 mark. By way of comparison, this is 11% more than at the beginning of the year.

How is all this traffic distributed during peak time on weekdays by stakes?


  18:00 20:00 22:00
NL2-5$ 48(43) 55(50) 74(53)
NL10$ 22(24) 25(28) 35 (29)
NL25$ 20(16) 21(21) 32(15)
NL50$ 8(9) 14(9) 16(14)
NL100$ 7(9) 4(14) 4(13)
NL200$ 5(6) 3(8) 5(6)
NL500$ 3(2) 2(2) 4(4)
NL1K$+ 1 1 1


  18:00 20:00 22:00
PLO2-5$ 9(18) 7(18) 7(21)
PLO10$ 4(9) 7(8) 9(14)
PLO25$ 2(12) 3(13) 6(11)
PLO50$ 1(12) (9) 1(12)
PLO100$ 3(8) 3(9) 5(7)
PLO200$ 2(9) 4(7) 3(13)
PLO500$ (8) 2(8) 1(3)
PLO1K$+ 1 3 1

*In brackets, the approximate number of fastforward tables.

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