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Partypoker increased rake caps for high-stakes and HU games

Sometimes poker rooms make changes that can be hardly expected to be popular among players. Recently, partypoker decided to increase caps at high-stakes. Moreover, poker players were not fully informed about that. Here's a look at how partypoker can face this threat.

Partypoker increased rake caps for high-stakes and HU games

High-stakes changes

Yesterday, the partypoker blog posted an article on the new rake caps. The management decided to make the following changes:

Rake caps at the $10/$25+ stakes were significantly increased.




Before Now Before Now
NL10$/$25 $1,25-$5 $6-$7,5 PLO10$/$25 $1,25-$5 $4,5-$6
NL25$/$50 $2,5-10 $8-$20 PLO25$/$50 $2,5-10 $6-$15
NL50$/$100-200$/$400 $5-10 $10-$40 PLO50$/$100-200$/$400 $5-10 $7,5-$30

We may only guess why they have applied such changes to those stakes with very low player traffic. In fact, the news will bring nothing but the final "death" of the local high-stakes action, together with a negative impact on the poker room's image. This situation is water on the mill of the competitors, who offer the best online high-stakes games.

Will there be a similar surprise for lower-stakes players as well?

HU changes

The fact that the latest news is not just a random event but a manifestation of a particular policy is evidenced by another change, which has not been directly announced by the poker room:

Rake caps have been increased at almost all HU cash game stakes.

Initially, there were $1 caps for all stakes, except for $200/$400, but now it is only relevant for NL200$ and below. For higher stakes, the cap ranges from $3 to $8, which is almost the same as for the 6-max tables.

Although HU cash was not one of the most popular formats at partypoker, 10-15 tables were spotted across all stakes during peak hours. Now the regular players will be forced to leave.

Consequences for partypoker

Even though the facts above would not affect most of the poker room's players, those still point to a certain not very positive trend. And it is not related only to the possible future rake changes in popular games, but also to the deterioration of the traffic situation:

With the "extinction" of high stakes action, together with HU, 8-max, and 6+ Hold 'em formats, partypoker has become a 6-max cash games poker room with an emphasis on fast-fold Hold 'em. Those can hardly attract new casual players and keep them entertained without updating the range of available games and offering extra incentives to try them.

The lack of public high-stakes action between well-known pro players leads in the same direction. And it happens now, when partypoker needs to retain its players and maintain a place in the TOP-10 of the world's online poker rankings more than ever. 

While partypoker is a convenient place to grind up to NL100$ fast-fold poker stakes for rakeback, it is unknown how long this would last without any significant and bright updates from Yong & Co.

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