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partypoker: KO Series and cash drops

Author: Vargoso Published: 18.12.20

partypoker announced a New Year series of tournaments. This time, the KO Series will run from December 25th, 2020, to January 19th, 2021. Today, we will tell you its main features and what other New Year’s gifts it is quite possible for players to receive.

partypoker: KO Series and cash drops

partypoker: features of the new PKO Series  

In 2020’s fall, partypoker held a festival for the first time, which would not be chasing large amounts of guarantees and “crushing” the entire MTT regular grid. We are talking about Monster Series 2020. The inspirers of this format, Rob Yong and Patrick Leonard, considered his experience successful and decided to apply it to the new KO Series. 

Which strategy will be repeated?

  • 26 days duration from December 25th to January 19th. 
  • $1.1 to $2,100 buy-ins’ range.
  • Three main events in a three-day format. 
  • The total number of events most likely won’t exceed 25. 

The latter statement is still speculative because PartyPoker has not released its full schedule yet or even a general guarantee a week before the beginning of the series.

The New Year’s KO Series will be held in a new format with a small number of tournaments (up to 6 MTT per day), a focus on multi-day events and guarantees, rather than regular PKO events.

Since the KO Series’ Main Events are numbered 21, and they are usually among the very last in the schedule, we calculated that the total number of events would not be much larger than this figure. Each event will likely have three buy-in levels, and then the number of tournaments in the series will exceed 70. For comparison, a similar festival in February had a $10M guarantee for 230 tournaments. 

Main Events

partypoker KO Series Main Event

  1. Micro Main Event $50,000 GTD, $1 buy-in
  2. Mini Main Event $300,000 GTD, $109 buy-in.
  3. Main Event $1,000,000 GTD, $1,050 buy-in.

All three tournaments will have three starting flights and will be held from January 16th to 18th, 2021. Players will have the opportunity to make only 1 re-entry in each Day 1. The structure of all events is deep – the initial stack is 100BB, a very smooth blinds structure with levels from 15 to 20 minutes. 

KO Series Spins and Satellites

KO Series Spins

There are two ways to earn tickets to festival events: classic satellites and a unique Spins game. The satellites will start on December 19th. So far, it is known that three such tournaments will be played every hour.

  • KO Series Sat: 3x$215 GTD, $22 buy-in.
  • KO Series: 3х$22 GTD, $2,2 buy-in.
  • KO Series: 10х5,5 GTD, $0,55 buy-in.

Special Spin limit for $10 (still not available) will give you the chance to win the following tickets.

Multiplier Probability 1M Prize
2 631,954 $20.00
3,3 240,755 $33 KO Series
5,5 123,391 $55 KO Series
10,9 3 $109 KO Series
32 500 $320 KO Series
53 250 $530 KO Series
105 100 $1,050 KO Series
210 50 $2,100 KO Series

Table Booster

Cash drops may well become another New Year’s novelty in PartyPoker. So far, it is known that the room’s client has a new folder, “Table Booster,” in which there are animation elements of gold coins falling on the table and several tables of different colors, which are likely to be tied to drops of various sizes.

As a reminder, the amounts randomly added to the cash tables before the beginning of the hand were first launched by Run It Once Poker in early 2019 and are called “Splash the Pot.” After that, the GGPoker Network (“Cash Drops”) launched them permanently at the fast-fold poker tables. 

PartyPoker used a similar mechanic on their New Jersey reservation. Table Booster may likely appear in the .com pool of the room after New Year, and it will become the first entertaining and random promotion at partypoker.

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