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partypoker KO Series: over $500,000 in tournament overlays in two days

GVC Holdings, the parent company of partypoker, decided to promote the poker room offering the largest tournament series ever seen. Of course, at the end of the day, the GTD prizes are smaller compared to PokerStars, but considering that partypoker is ranked 5th and it has only 20% of the cash games traffic that PokerStars has, the guaranteed prizes are incredible. But, one of the inevitable results of the GTD race is to have tournament overlays.

partypoker KO Series: over $500,000 in tournament overlays in two days

partypoker KO Series: over $500,000 in tournament overlays

Only two days after the KO series kick-off, 35 events have been played and 11 of them (30%) had overlaid:

Event Buy-in GTD Prize pool Overlay ($) Overlay (%)
KO Series #01-Mi $2,2 $5,000 $907,1 18
KO Series #02-SHR $5,200 $1,000,000 $102,400 10
KO Series #02-H $215 $500,000 $83,468 16,7
KO Series #02-M $33 $150,000 $7,903.5 5
KO Series #03-HR $2,100 $1,000,000 $149,250 15
KO Series #03-H $320 $1,000,000 $205,668 20,5
KO Series #03-L $11 $50,000 $1,595 3,2
KO Series #03-Mi $2,2 $10,000 $3,977.2 40
KO Series #04-L $5,5 $15,000 $2,079.75 14
KO Series #05-Mi $4,4 $5,000 $770,6 15,4
KO Series #07-Mi $2,2 $5,000 $508,1 10
    $3,740,000 $558,527 15 (avg)

* We calculate the overlays without considering the rake, and the results are incredible, even at partypoker where the bounty element is rake-free.

The table proves that tournament of all buy-ins had presented overlays; the largest one (a 40% overlay) occurred in a $2 event. Considering this, there is a high probability that the Championship Events will present overlays too. We will recheck the results on May 19th after those tournaments are completed.

But that's not all. We evidenced "hidden overlays" in the KO Series, very similar to the phenomenon we commented last year for the MILLIONS Online: satellites with GTD entries to tournaments that also don't get enough players to cover the guaranteed prize pool.

* 50% overlay in a satellite to a Championship event

Why does partypoker have tournament overlays in 2019?

This phenomenon can be explained in different ways:

  • Unlike what was mentioned by Rob Yong, the KO Series is being held at the same time that the PokerStars SCOOP and the Good Game Series 2. So, right now the players have lots of options to play massive tournaments online, and some room must suffer the consequences.
  • This year partypoker unveiled a roadmap including HUD restriction and other measures to "protect" the recreational players. This is a two-way street because more recreational players can come to the tables, but regs may choose other rooms, even considering that partypoker was the chosen room by regs to boycott PokerStars this year.
  • partypoker changed the terms and conditions for affiliates, including the "three years rule", and seized money from bot accounts affecting the affiliate's balance; there is a chance that the room is not being strongly promoted right now


The KO Series will be held until May 26th, and over 180 events are still in line to be played, including seven Championship Events. The largest tournament has a $2M GTD prize and considering what we already exposed, it's almost sure that this event presents a significant overlay. We invite our players to join the KO Series and take part in the action with massive overlays every day.

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Vargoso 14.05.19
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