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partypoker vs. bots: the dark side of the story

Hello guys, Timofey here. We got some tradition in Worldpokerdeals. I write almost all the posts related to complaints against poker rooms. Today we will talk about partypoker - the room that reached the status of "the first after PokerStars" in recent years. The poker room where you can get a good rakeback, loyal support service, decent traffic, and many other pleasant preferences.

partypoker vs. bots: the dark side of the story

Recently, partypoker as widely as possible reported that a massive purge was carried out, several hundred bots were banned and players received more than $700,000 compensation. The poker community is happy and shares amounts of reimbursements received with each other. It would seem everyone is celebrating.

However, there is a downside to the coin, which I will write about in detail. I know that representatives of partypoker read our blog, so I ask them to settle down more comfortably.

Let’s start chronologically from about 2015-2016 to show the logic. At that time partypoker received robust advertising budgets from new owners, as well as a new development doctrine aimed at maximizing the convenience of players and affiliates. Rakeback has grown, all minor violators have been amnestied, and affiliates were given some good deals. On all fronts, the room does its best for its customers.

Thanks to such strategy, by the beginning of 2019, the room had risen in all ratings, multiplied the traffic and firmly settled in the top of Pokerscout rank. However, either because of a lack of funding or with the tacit approval of the management, the security service rarely announced that any bots were banned. And almost no one has ever received compensation. From my side, I regularly received feedback about partypoker "everything is fine but it looks like there are many bots there."

In general, bots bring money to all but honest players, if we talk only about the monetary side of the issue. But, it is essential to understand that neither a good poker room nor a good affiliate will encourage bots - this is a strong reputational risk. We receive messages like “got a botnet, we make $ 50k rake per month, let's work together” regularly. And all, without exception, are refused. Not because we and other big affiliates are saints, but because it is unprofitable for us if we move away from recounting everything into dollars.

Since January 2019, partypoker introduced the new “3 years” rule - affiliates are now paid a full commission for only three years from the moment of the player’s first deposit. Approximately three years have passed since they began a big campaign by bringing players through affiliates. Coincidence?

By the way, in January we received a full commission for all, even old players. But, then backdating this money was partially taken from us by partypoker. OK. Then, the room decided to clear the field and, as people say these days “hype” on a great promotion. Everything would be great if it were not for one “but” - partypoker fined affiliates, on which affiliate accounts were banned bots.

In practice, when an affiliate is not paid for a bot or other violator for the month in which this violator was banned - is normal. But in this case, the size of the fine was equal to ALL of the received commission for the violator for ALL of the time he played. Retroactively. And many bot accounts were active for a year or more. Apparently, money from blocked bots' balances wasn’t enough for an impressive sum of compensation and partypoker decided to get it at the expense of affiliates.

Here comes a question. Why do we have to pay for the incompetence of your security service? Anyway, bots can come to any because we have no tools to deal with bots, and the room has them. If he does not use them - this is a problem of the room and solving it, in the literal sense, at the expense of others is unacceptable.

An affiliate will not determine a more or less competent bot operator, and by the room - more often yes than not. Blocking and paying compensation is good. Paying this from the pocket of those who help your growth is shit.

At the same time, we have suffered relatively nothing in this situation: 3 banned accounts and a small fine, relative to others. But I will take the liberty to say: that with this post I express the position of all regular affiliates. With many of them, we talked about this case.

It is unacceptable to behave in this way. Such behavior will lead to the fact that affiliates will stop working with you; honest players will leave the room because affiliates will not be able to provide a good level of services. We do not require a refund. We do not expect anything but good partnership relations. Representatives of partypoker, ask your top managers just one question: would your organization be where it is today, without us, affiliates? We are without you — yes.

P.S. It should be noted that the strategists of partypoker work really well. That hand was played beautifully.

Vargoso 16.04.19
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