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Play at PokerMaster with HUD!!! 10% discount from WorldPokerDeals

Hey regs! Do you enjoy playing at PokerMaster? Who doesn't? Fishy high stakes games, the safest deal available online, lots of clubs, 24/7 support, all of this with WorldPokerDeals as your trusted affiliate. Now, we are happy to announce that a HUD has become available to all PokerMaster players.

Play at PokerMaster with HUD!!! 10% discount from WorldPokerDeals

Yes! Exactly as you read it! Now you can enjoy the best clubs online in PokerMaster using a HUD!

How can I play at PokerMaster using a HUD?

Hand2Note is the software responsible for this. To use the HUD in PokerMaster you will need to:

  1. Get the Hand2Note PokerMaster HUD software. You need to use the version or above.
  2. Get the special discount in Hand2Note PokerMaster HUD for being a WorldPokerDeals user.
  3. Follow our instructions to download and install the Android emulator and PokerMasters.
  4. Start the Hand2Note software
  5. Login into your PokerMaster account
  6. When you open a table, the HUD will shown automatically

Attention! If you need a more professional software, you can use Hand2Note ProTools PokerMaster

What additional benefits do I get by using Hand2Note PokerMaster HUD?

Besides the fully integrated and functional HUD, this piece of software will recognize PokerMaster as a separate poker room, meaning this you will have full statistics of your game. This also includes straddle statistics!

You can have full graphics of winnings and results, and you can also gather hand histories in Observer mode.

Also, Hand2Nose will work as a hand converter, so you can use Hold'em Manager or PokerTracker.

It is safe to play at PokerMaster?

This is a very important question. We know this HUD will bring more players to PokerMaster, and you may wonder about this poker room safety. The answer will be the same always: you need a very trusted affiliate to play at PokerMaster. Don't go with the cheap or quick one, go with the safer one. WorldPokerDeals is a highly trusted affiliate as you can see in the Hand2Note website:

We hope you enjoy your profit increase using HUD at PokerMaster!


Juan, WorldPokerDeals team

Vargoso 26.12.17
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