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Playing risk-free: TOP-5 online poker rooms with bankroll guarantee

The alternative poker rooms have become a real opportunity for grinders looking for soft fields to play. But, not everything is perfect, and there are risks like cheaters at the tables; but as those rooms are usually unlicensed, the most significant risk remains in the safety of the funds. One of the biggest advantages of playing with Worldpokerdeals is that we fully guarantee the player's bankroll in some poker rooms. In this article, we share the TOP-5 of online poker rooms with funds secured by WPD.

Playing risk-free: TOP-5 online poker rooms with bankroll guarantee

Online poker in 2019: a brave new world

Although poker is a skill game, it's undeniable that there is a lack of information, variance, and related risks. This combined with the "anti-reg" path that most online poker rooms have decided to follow (this is, restricting support software, making games anonymous, etc.), has "obliged" professional players to look for other options to play, mostly small and private reservations or rooms in a "grey" area.

In the past few years, some of these "grey" rooms suddenly closed their doors, and unfortunately, it has affected Worldpokerdeals players; although there was no money guarantee, our players received all their money back in some cases, like Lianzhong Pokermonster, PokerKing Asia, and Red Dragon Poker. The good news is that we are now guaranteeing the players bankroll in several rooms (this is, in case of major forfeiture with the poker room, we will pay from our own pocket the player's balance). The TOP-5 of online poker rooms with full funds guarantee by WPD is conformed by PPPoker, HiPoker, KingsClubPkr, GoldPokerPro, and Spartan Poker.


PPPoker is currently the market leader of mobile poker applications. We did an extensive traffic review recently, and besides our bankroll guarantee, we provide players with top-notch support and fast withdrawals to all e-wallets. This room is an excellent choice for players looking for soft fields to play, including rakeback and Chinese poker and 5-card Omaha action.



KingsClubPkr is a small private US reservation with permanent high-stakes action. Mixed games (Badugy, Limit 2-7 Triple Draw), Omaha, and OFC are the most popular games with action up to $30/$60, $5/$10 and jackpots from $5 to $30 respectively. Naturally, almost all players are wealthy Americans looking for some fun online.


The oldest Israeli poker room launched right after PokerStars left the country. GoldPokerPro suits mainly PLO players, and although the number of tables isn't shocking (10-15 during the prime time), the action is very soft from PLO50 to PLO300, and there are HU tables visible both PLO and NLH. GPP is a great room for bumhunters that can be combined with other poker rooms.

Spartan Poker


One of the largest Indian poker rooms, with incredibly soft action, HUD compatibility and the player's funds fully backed by WPD. Spartan Poker suits both NLH and PLO players up to $3/$6 blinds, and bumhunters will find HU tables visible during the peak time. On top of our guarantee, Worldpokerdeals also offers a discount on the Indian TDS, which for regular players is 30%.

And that's not all. Worldpokerdeals fully guarantees the player's bankroll in other rooms, like Italian or Malaysian ones. Please contact our managers to get more information about the softest fields where we guarantee the player's funds with our brand.

Spartan Poker logo
Spartan Poker
Only for VIP players
Deposit bonus VIP
Rakeback VIP
PPPoker logo
High stakes action WPD funds guarantee!
Rakeback up to 50%
Kingsclubpkr logo
High stakes action Bitcoins accepted
Deposit bonus n/a
Rakeback up to 30%
GoldPokerPro logo
High stakes action
Unfortunately deal is stopped at the current moment

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