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Poker Battle: PPPoker vs. Pokermaster Asia vs. PokerKing

Asian poker applications have become one of the trends in modern online poker for more than a year. The unusual organization of the games doesn't stop lots of players to get the opportunity to sit at the same tables with medium and high stakes fish.

Poker Battle: PPPoker vs. Pokermaster Asia vs. PokerKing

Today we will compare the three most popular of them (PPPoker, PokerKing Asia, Pokermaster) and review the current situation of traffic in Hold'em for October 2018. First, we list the main pros and cons.


We mentioned PPPoker last month as one of the best sites to play Chinese poker and Omaha in 2018.

PPPoker pros:

  1. Our deal includes more than 15 clubs from around the world
  2. Strict policies against collusion and ban violators with funds confiscation
  3. Full funds guarantee from Worldpokerdeals (in some clubs we guarantee only the deposit)
  4. Fixed rakeback with a standard rake structure
  5. Hand converter available for displaying statistics at the tables (HUD)
  6. PC client
  7. Low fee on withdrawals
  8. Fast chips transfer among clubs without commission
  9. The minimum deposit is $200

PPPoker cons:

  1. Most of the clubs are not willing to create HU tables
  2. The high cost of converter for trackers
  3. One account works only for playing at one table (multiple accounts are needed for multi-tabling)
  4. The rake is high, especially for HU

PokerKing Asia

It is the newest application on the market. The first information about PokerKing Asia was available in mid-August. It is very similar to all the applications.

PokerKing Asia pros:

  1. It is the softest field of the Asian rooms, lots of tables where all the players are fish
  2. Direct HUD support from Hand2Note, without requiring the use of additional hand converters
  3. The world's largest and weakest traffic in Short Deck Hold'em (6+ Hold'em)
  4. No clubs, all tables are visible to players immediately
  5. Minimum deposit is $500

PokerKing Asia cons:

  1. There is no funds guarantee like in other Asian apps
  2. Medium commission for withdrawals
  3. No Omaha action
  4. The client is available only in the Chinese language


It is the largest and most famous application of all. In fact, PokerMaster was the room that started the boom in Europe and America.

PokerMaster pros:

  1. A large selection of games (100+ clubs, 1,000+ tables)
  2. Worldpokerdeals offers bankroll guarantee 
  3. Low withdrawal fee

PokerMaster cons:

  1. Collusion in many clubs, especially at Omaha tables
  2. Great fame turned into a strengthening of the field, games are reg infested now
  3. HUD only works with additional software, and the last client update probed that the developers are fighting against it.
  4. Minimum deposit is $1,500

Hold'em traffic in PPPoker, PokerKing Asia, and PokerMaster

We took the total number of tables during Asian peak time on a weekday. In PPPoker and PokerMaster we took only seven major clubs:

Poker room/Stake NL20-30$ NL60$ NL120-150$ NL300$ NL600-700$ NL800$ NL1K$+
PPPoker 5 (7) 6 (9) 3 (6) 4 (2) 2 (1)   1 (1)
PokerKingAsia 23* 17 13 8   5 3
PokerMaster 12 108 46 44 26   4

* there are lower stakes available, but considering the minimum deposit of $500 is not profitable to play them

In PPPoker we indicate the number of 6-max tables in brackets. In PokerKing Asia all tables are 8-max Hold'em, and in PokerMaster almost all the action is 8-9-max. The traffic on these apps is so good, that if there are no available tables, most likely a new one will be opened soon.


  • PPPoker — considering the recent analysis of Omaha and Chinese poker, PPPoker is the most versatile application in terms of poker games offered. 6-max tables prevail so this room is most suitable for short tables’ fans.
  • PokerKing Asia — is a room for people who are ready to play without a fund guarantee but with a huge set of advantages, being this one the softest Asian application available. Also, this is the only app with 6+ Hold'em traffic in 4-max and 6-max formats with bets from $1 to $300.
  • PokerMaster — offers a huge selection of 8-9-max tables at medium and high stakes. Playing with statistics will allow you to find fish at the tables. Only in this application, the main clubs create about a dozen HU tables from NL60 to NL700.

In all the three rooms our players play, consistently win, and withdraw easily their profits.

For any further information about the conditions for playing in PokerKing Asia, PPPoker and PokerMaster please contact our team on Skype.

Stay tuned on our Telegram channel for more EV+ news.

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High stakes action WPD funds guarantee!
Rakeback up to 50%
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High stakes action Asian mobile platform
Deposit bonus n/a
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PokerKing Asia (扑克王)
Asian mobile platform
Unfortunately deal is stopped at the current moment

Vargoso 06.10.18
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