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Poker expats in Latin America. Is PokerStars still worth it?

April 15 has been a very interesting day in world history. Abraham Lincoln died on 1865, McDonalds were founded in 1955 and even the very first Ford Mustang was presented in 1964. But for professional poker players, from United States April 15 of 2011 can be remembered as one of the worst day in their life. That day, already known as Poker Black Friday, the U.S. Department of Justice presented civil and legal complaints to PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker, seizing millions of dollars of USA poker players and beginning a big exodus of true professional poker players.

Poker expats in Latin America. Is PokerStars still worth it?

The professional poker players had a thought decision on their hands: To keep living in USA and get a new career, or emigrate to another country where online poker was still legal. The real thought decision was to decide which country, as no one is willing to give away a career representing six figures earnings in most case. That day, the term Poker Expat were created, and their main choices were:

  • Colombia
  • República Dominicana
  • México

Why those countries? Lots of reasons: life quality, money value, girls, beach party, Caribbean and latin life style, and of course, a growing community of professional poker players sharing their experiences. Now, 7 years later, what could go wrong? Well, maybe that your favorite poker room, PokerStars, suddenly decided that your rake wasn't good enough and announced the "death" of rakeback. So, a new decision has to be taken: To keep playing in PokerStars, or to look for new and exciting poker rooms that actually care about the rake poker players generate.

If you are a poker expat or a poker refugee from USA or Canada grinding from Colombia, República Dominicana or México, you landed in the right site: Worldpokerdeals is proud to be the biggest affiliate offering asian poker rooms, and with more than 5 years of experience, we can offer rakeback deal and, most important for poker expats, safe access to the best poker networks currently available:


GG Network is a very popular network covering all Asian countries, and in this case of course, includes Colombia, República Dominicana, México and is absolutely safe to poker expats. WorldPokerDeals offers safe access to best poker rooms of the network, including Natural8, Tianlong, Lotos PokerRed6Poker, etc. In all of these rooms you can get 35% of rakeback deposited directly to you gaming account each monday. Lots of tables in mid stakes and regular action can be found up to NL2k and PLO5k. Any third software (Holdem Manager, PokerTracker) is strictly forbidden in GG Network. Deposits and withdrawals varies from room to room, so if you have any questions please add our manager to Skype to clear all the information


PokerMaster is a new way of living the asian poker boom, and is of course a very good choice for poker expats. With our deal in PokerMaster, grinders can have easy and safe access to the best private chinese poker clubs, playing only high stakes starting at NL600 up to NL6000. We highly recommend this deals for our poker expat players grinding from Colombia, Dominicana and México, as you can find the loosest tables currently available.

PokerMaster is a very special deal, please add our dedicated manager to get in touch with us and know all the information about the exclusive deal we can offer for poker expats in PokerMaster.

Pokermonster - Lianzhong

This one is a very popular room in Asia, in America the brand is Pokermonster and is one of the best deals currently available for poker expats. WorldPokerDeals players can get easy and safe access to Lianzhong where you can find regular activity in medium and high stakes both NL and PLO. Our fast cashier allows players to make deposits and withdrawals using EcoPayz, Neteller, Bitcoin among others. Lianzhong offer both Flash and desktop software in English and Chinese. Rakeback from Pokermonster can be up to 45% for true grinders.


Currently ranked as the second network by number of players in PokerScout, IDNNetwork is one of the most popular poker networks currently available online. Poker expat players may get surprised by the number of players of this network. True grinders will be happy to see the limp limp limp, check, check, check, bet/call scenario at the poker tables. Games in the network are played in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). Deposits and withdrawals are conveniently handled by WorldPokerDeals. For more detailed information about rakeback for expat poker players in IDNNetwork please contact our manager.

Our opinion is that, if you are a professional poker player, expat from the US to Latin America, you are looking for the best deal available, as we are sure that poker is your life style (maybe Caribbean beach party is your life style too).  With our large experience, we can assure that asian poker rooms are the best way to bump your winrate, for main two reasons: 

  1. We can offer the best rakeback deals available for true grinders. We are talking about great shares for professional poker players.
  2. Playing with asian fishes will almost automatically increase your winnings...sure, when you take a look at the tables and see the limp limp check call action, you will understand.

Feel free to add me in Skype: wpd.spanish or any other messenger to discuss the specials deals we can offer to poker expats, the full package we have or even to practice your Spanish language. We offer a complete solution for poker players, including rakeback, dedicated support via Skype, fast and reliable cashier services, VPN and software support, VIP services for true grinders and much more. 

Juan - Latin American Manager of WorldPokerDeals


Vargoso 06.05.17
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