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Poker promotions in July for WorldPokerDeals players

A new month is here, and as usual, we are offering to our players a general overview of the different promotions of the poker rooms offered in WorldPokerDeals. In this article, you will learn what awaits you in July and what changes the poker rooms have already made for this summer.

Poker promotions in July for WorldPokerDeals players

On June 25, all the rooms of the GG Good Game Network started the Flush Jackpot in honor of his special event of July - Flush Jackpot Chase.

What is the Flush Jackpot?

Flush Jackpot is an additional prize for all Hold'em tables (except All-in or Fold tables) for getting a flush. The jackpot prize will be founded from deductions of all bets bigger than 15BB (with a CAP of 1 big blind). Right now the prize pool reached the 90kUSD and is divided into three limits. Detailed information on the current state of the Flush Jackpot can be found in the poker client by clicking on the link in the upper right corner.

The payments for Flush Jackpot are only for three types of flushes; the player with any of the qualifying hands will receive a certain percentage of the jackpot share according to his limit:

  • Royal Flush - 50%
  • Straight Flush - 15%
  • Flush with an ace - 1%

Rules for Flush Jackpot:

  • Both pocket cards must be used in the flush
  • The amount committed to the pot must be equal or bigger than 15 big blinds
  • The second board (Run It Twice) does not count for this promotion
  • The bonus is awarded even without showdown and in cases of disconnection, withdrawal or sit out, or closing the table
  • If you complete a flush but commitments are less than 15bb, you can get the bonus only if on the following streets you fulfill the commitment requirement and if you receive a better card in the board for the flush

Even if you are not interested in the promotion, you will still occasionally receive payments for it, and most important, amateur players will now be much more willing to hold their flush draw with an ace to participate in the jackpot.

$100,000 Flush Jackpot Chase

During all July, for every time you participate in the Flush Jackpot, you will receive points. Points will be awarded according to the limit like this:

And, in the tables with ante (not very popular at all), the points will be awarded like this:

The prizes of the Flush Jackpot Chase players will receive are divided into five levels. The total number of prizes on each of them is limited:

The GG Network recently delighted us with one more news. ecoPayz has been added as a payment method. Recently we have made a comparison of ecoPayz with Skrill and Neteller.

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Summer Redeposit bonus in Breakout Poker

The poker room Breakout Poker has announced a three deposit reload bonus that the player can make during the summer. The bonus is 50% up to $500 and it is activated with the code - "RB500". The bonus is paid in increments of $10 for every $50 in rake, which means it gives an additional 20% of rakeback.

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Another of our rooms - TonyBet Poker, if offering only to WorldPokerDeals players a 100% reload bonus up to €1,000. The code for the bonus is - "WPD1000" and gives 25% of rakeback. For additional details please contact our manager Alexey.

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Daily Cash Race in Tigergaming

This year Tigergaming is having great innovations:

  • Added fast poker - Boost Poker
  • Added lottery Sit&Go - WindFall
  • Removed the smallest limits making NL10 the lower one
  • Removed the lowest (up to $1) and the most expensive (from $250) SnG and changed the weekly challenge for these tournaments
  • Completely remade the MTT grid and removed tournaments for less than $1
  • Introduced and then canceled, the maximum number of tables that can be played
  • Updated the poker client and finally introduced advanced filter in the lobby

Another recent change was the weekly rake race. Now it has become a Daily Cash Race with a total prize pool of $1,100. And now the points in its leaderboard are not awarded by the amount of rake, but on the number of hands paying rake: 1 hand - 1 point.

The prizes are divided into six limits for the top three players. Interestingly, the hands played at the fast poker and jackpot poker tables are not counted in this promotion. 

Daily Cash Chase prizes:

So, who constantly grinds in Tigergaming can everyday fight for additional profit on this promotion.

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