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PokerBros launches AoF tournaments

Author: Vargoso Published: 16.04.21

The clubs of the mobile poker room PokerBros now have the opportunity to create tournaments in an unusual format for MTT: All-in or Fold. What are their features, and why did the room not start with AoF on rng games? We will tell you in this article.

PokerBros launches AoF tournaments

Poker apps and MTTs?

At first, mobile poker apps were mainly a site for ring players. All of them were initially designed for this format. However, now the largest of them have massive tournaments and run their own series (for example, the U-Series of Poker featured 2,000,000 in prizes).

PokerBros MTT grid is no exception. Its leading clubs offer several dozen events throughout the day. The largest "Sunday" features a 150,000 guarantee for 250. There is also a fantastic variety of formats: NLH, PLO4, PLO6, PKO, 6-max, and 9-max. The number of participants barely exceeds 200.

Recently, MTTs on this app reached the headlines and not only across the mobile rooms market:

PokerBros became the first poker site to launch All-in or Fold MTTs.

AoF tournaments features

Besides the fact that only two betting options are available regardless of the stage of the tournament and the size of the stacks: "push" or "fold," we highlight the following features of these tournaments:

  1. MTTs are held only in Hold'em (Omaha is planned to be added later)
  2. All games are played only at 9-max tables
  3. The buy-in range is still low — up to 20 without guarantees
  4. The number of participants does not exceed 50
  5. Early Bird bonus — when registering before the start of the tournament, the starting stack is 20% larger.
  6. The blinds rise every 5 minutes, but the starting stack is 60BB. Rebuys are available during late registration.

The format is purely recreational, and so far, can no boast big prizes, but a trained player can get a significant advantage over the field in it. Most like we are facing just a test before launching this poker format for ring players.

Just a month ago, PokerBros introduced limit games with the Kill Pot option, and the addition of another new format of ring tables may not have a positive effect on their popularity. 

Nevertheless, now PokerBros is not much inferior to any classic room in terms of the game portfolio, except for the lack of Spins.

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