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PokerKing is back on track! What's new in the poker room?

The American poker network Winning rolled out a complex software update process four months ago. For many players, problems during implementation were the reason to leave some sites like PokerKing. In this article, we share why is it now profitable to return to this poker network or start playing there.

PokerKing is back on track! What's new in the poker room?

PokerKing: what has changed recently in the poker room?

As we have already written, the launch of a new poker client caused several problems to PokerKing, which drastically affected the traffic and the amount of games visible in the lobby.

This situation lasted for approximately four months, but several adjustments were made last week to solve several issues that restored basic conditions for grinding. What has changed?

  • First of all, it's again possible to register from our site and get rakeback (however only for cash games, the tournament rakeback will also be restored soon);
  • Three fast poker limits were added. Blitz Poker was announced a long time ago, but it was quickly removed from the client due to numerous bugs. Now, players can join the NL10, NL50, and NL200 fast poker tables than run smoothly;
  • Restoration of the weekly rake race, King's Treasures, which gives extra rakeback to real grinders;
  • At the time of writing this article, it became known that the Royal Club VIP program will also be restored in the coming days.

Why is it profitable to play at PokerKing now?

The combination of the massive success of The Venom tournament (which attracted many players to the tables seeking for the $1M prize) and the problems related to the software implementation (which caused the departure of many grinders because of the lack of rakeback and bonuses, and a volatile software), is creating right now an exciting pool to play: many amateurs at the tables with regs doubting to return to the site.

Thus, it is a challenge to think of a better time to join PokerKing than now.

What about traffic at PokerKing?

Apparently, PokerScout is having trouble monitoring the number of games in the Winning Poker Network rooms, because, since the end of June (when we wrote our last traffic review), the data has barely changed.

During all this time, PokerKing and other skins of the network remained in the 9th place with an average number of cash games players of 700, something that makes no sense.

Therefore, we checked the current number of tables during the American peak time for several days:

Number of 6-max and 9-max NLH tables at PokerKing

Stake/Time 22:00 3:00 6:00 12:00
NL10 7 5 9 6
NL25 9 10 17 5
NL50 12 13 12 4
NL100 10 11 12 1
NL200 8 6 9 1
NL400 4 3 3 3
NL600 4 2 4 4
NL1K 1 3 1 3
NL2K-3K 3 2 2 2
NL5K 1 2 3 2
NL10K   1 1 1

Number of 6-max and 9-max PLO tables at PokerKing

Stake/Time 22:00 3:00 6:00 12:00
PLO10 4 4 3 2
PLO25 6 5 4 1
PLO50 3 8 9 3
PLO100 1 1 2 2
PLO200 2 2 8  
PLO400* 2 2 4 1
PLO600 1   3 1
PLO1K 1 2 1 1
PLO5K   1   1
PLO10K 1 1 1  

* Some of the PLO400+ tables were held in CAP format. Also in the lobby can be seen up to 5-6 Omaha Hi/Lo tables from $100 to $600.


*High-stakes action games at PokerKing at noon

Right now the action is not limited only to regular tables; now it's also possible to play fast poker as long as there are connections at two stakes:

  • NL10 - about 100;
  • NL50 - up to 50.

There was also a gradual revival of the game at full-ring tables, traditionally popular in American poker rooms. During the morning up to 20 NLH 9-max tables are visible, most of them played in NL100–600, and only one-third of them in NL10–50. We also spotted a 7-Day No Rathole table with $50/$100 bets.

PLO 9-max is also played at PokerKing, a few 7-Day No Rathole tables from PLO100 to PLO10k.

In short, compared to June, we can evidence a noticeable increase in traffic in PokerKing, especially at medium and high stakes.

Which players are best suited for PokerKing?

Based on the previous data, it can be stated that PokerKing, as the leading poker room of WPN, is suitable for:

  • High volume grinders from NL–PLO100 up to NL–PLO600 with an American schedule, due to increases traffic and the rakeback deal from WPD (plus King's Treasures);
  • Medium and high-stakes PLO and NLH players from $1000 to $5000 (up to 10 active tables);
  • Chico Poker network players looking to add more tables to their schedule.

What rakeback deal can I get at PokerKing?

When registering under our affiliate program, our players receive:

  • First deposit bonus 100% up to $777 (10% rakeback);
  • King's Treasures race (15-20% extra rakeback);
  • VIP program — up to 40% rakeback that will be available again in the next days, but all achievements are being recorded since May and will be paid by the room soon;
  • Private rakeback deal.

In total, our top grinders can get up to 60%-80% rakeback in the room, as well as other benefits, such as our free layout and support on withdrawals.

To get a private rakeback deal at PokerKing, please contact us on:

PokerKing logo
Winning Poker Network
50%+ rakeback Network's best skin
Deposit bonus $2,000
Rakeback up to 90%
Americas Cardroom logo
Americas Cardroom
Winning Poker Network
High stakes action Good for beginners Bitcoins accepted
Deposit bonus $2,000
Rakeback 10-65%
Black Chip Poker logo
Black Chip Poker
Winning Poker Network
High stakes action Bitcoins accepted
Deposit bonus $2,000
Rakeback 27% or VIP

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