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Pokerlords launches Jackpot tables. Details and information

What's up regulars! Big news from the Asian world! The fishy Asian poker app, PokerLords, has just launched Jackpot tables. Jackpot tables are a way to improve your gaming experience, add some extra money to your wallet, and by all means, being a lucky factor, attract more and more fishes to the poker tables. Let's see how it works:

Pokerlords launches Jackpot tables. Details and information

You can identify the Jackpot tables in the lobby of PokerLords with a logo of "JP" in white letters with a yellow background. Today, almost all tables participate in the Jackpot scheme. This is how it works:

  • The Jackpot pool prize is created for all the hands played in the Jackpot tables. 1SB (and nothing more, the CAP is 1SB) is taken when the hands reaches 10BB in the pot. You can see the current Jackpot pool prize in the top of the table:

  • The player wins a portion of the Jackpot with three possible hands:
    • Royal Flush
    • Straight Flush
    • Four of a kind
  • You must use your 2 pocket cards in order to win a prize. This is, in a board showing AA34T, you MUST have AA in the hand to win a prize.

  • The prize to obtain varies according to the stake you are playing:
Hand 5/10 CNY 10/20 CNY 20/50 CNY

Royal Flush

10% 15% 25%

Straight Flush

3% 5% 12%

Four of a kind

1% 2% 4%


You are playing 25/50 and have KsJs in your pocket cards. The board shows TsQs2h3hAs. You have just hit the best poker hand available: Royal Flush. The total Jackpot is 42986CNY, and in top of the money you win in the hand, you collect the 25% of the Jackpot, 42986CNY*25% = 10.724CNY, 1700USD right to your pocket, nothing bad right?

If you have the two big cards in hand, but everyone folds, you can actually manually reveal the cards (this is a software option), and still get a prize. Just look for the small eye mark in your hand to show your pocket cards after the victory.

Also, you can check anytime the records of the last Jackpot prizes, just click in the Jackpot prize in the table and you will see a table. This is actually very cool because it shows the transparency of the promotion.

We consider the recently launched PokerLords Jackpot tables will significantly increase the number of fish players in the app, because this factor adds some "lottery" luck factor into the Asian poker app.

Contact Max from our team in order to get a test account or a real money account in PokerLords:

Maxs Telegram: WPD_Max

Max Skype: noname2015s

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Best regards,

Juan, WorldPokerDeals team

Vargoso 22.04.18
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