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Pokermania.online closes its doors

Bad news for our online poker grinders. This week, the popular alternative poker room Pokermania.online announced that effective immediately, their tables are being closed.

Pokermania.online closes its doors

Pokermania was a small and lucrative USA based poker room with some of the loosest tables we have seen. Player pool was mainly from USA and only cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin were accepted to do deposits and cashouts.

Pokermania.online representatives announced this in the popular 2+2 forums and in their website. They mention some poker laws change as the main reason to close its doors. There are some comments in the air about why actually Pokermania.online is closed, but the only important thing now is that the poker players receive their money. 

Also, Pokermania.online mentioned that all money from their current poker players will be sent soon, with expected time of 60 days to process all the withdrawals, that are in total more than 4,000. Our opinion is that Pokermania.online will pay all the money to poker players, but process can be slow.

Now, with Pokermania.online doors closed, what options do have the online poker grinders looking for some good action online? Luckily, WorldPokerDeals is here and we have lots of options for true grinders. Contact our managers to know about what are currently the best online poker rooms and how to play on them, even from the USA.


Juan, WorldPokerDeals team


Vargoso 21.12.17
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